Symptoms of Hearing Loss

The most typical symptoms of hearing loss for adults are:

  • Feeling that people mumble a lot and do not speak clearly
  • Hearing people talk but have difficulty understanding some of the words
  • Frequently asking people to speak up or repeat themselves
  • Having difficulty understanding women and children’s voices
  • Having difficulty hearing someone call from behind or from another room
  • Finding it hard to hear in noisy environments, for example in a restaurant or in a car
  • Needing to watch a speaker’s lips more closely to follow the conversation
  • Having difficulty following a conversation when they’re in a group of people, in a meeting, at church, or during lectures
  • Having a hard time understanding in a crowd
  • Turning the TV or radio turned up to an uncomfortably high level for spouse, relatives, and friends
  • Favouring one ear over the other
  • Having problems hearing clearly on the telephone
  • Experiencing difficulty hearing at the theatre or other entertainment venues
  • Family, friends, or colleagues mention that they often have to repeat themselves
  • Limiting social activities due to difficulty hearing and communicating
  • Seeming to be withdrawn, isolated, depressed or irritable.

Hearing loss occurs in most people as we age. It is not always easy to notice at first. That is why many we have a difficult time believing and accepting that we have a hearing loss. We might begin turning up the volume on the TV, or asking other people to repeat themselves!

When hearing starts to fade, we tend to forget how things sound. We start to live in a quieter world, unaware that we are missing the softer sounds of everyday life, like the pattern of rain on the roof or the sound of birds singing.

Our audiologists are dedicated to helping you understand your hearing loss and providing solutions.

If you suspect you may have a hearing loss or other hearing related problem, please come in for an appointment.