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Ear & Hearing Australia: Trusted by Local GPs & Doctors, Delivering Exceptional Audiology Services since 1998.

Enhance Patient Care with Ear & Hearing Australia: Your Trusted Audiology Partner

Ear & Hearing Australia is the trusted choice of local GPs. Since 1998, we have been dedicated to providing exceptional audiology services as a highly qualified, independent practice. Locally owned and operated across Melbourne, our commitment to ethical care has made us the go-to provider for GPs seeking premium services to enhance the well-being of their patients. 


Why Refer to Ear & Hearing Australia

Trusted by Local GPs

Highly Qualified Audiologists

Independent of Manufacturers

Convenient Clinic Locations

Compassionate Care

Client-Centered Practice

Trusted by Local GPs & Doctors

When to Refer

  • Signs or symptoms of hearing loss
  • Sudden hearing loss (urgent assessment required)
  • Acute or chronic vertigo, dizziness, or imbalance
  • Fullness or pressure in the ears
  • Speech/language delay or learning difficulties in children
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  • Ear pain or discomfort
  • Wax impaction or blockage in the ear canal
  • Ototoxic medication usage
  • Concerns about noise-induced hearing loss
  • Follow-up after a failed hearing screening
  • Evaluation for hearing aids or assistive listening devices
  • Assessing eligibility for cochlear implants or other implantable devices
  • Balance or vestibular disorders requiring audiological assessment
  • Auditory processing difficulties or concerns
  • Monitoring hearing health in patients with chronic conditions (e.g., diabetes, cardiovascular disease)
  • Occupational noise exposure assessment for at-risk individuals (e.g., industrial workers, musicians)

Note: This list serves as a general guideline, and clinical judgment should be applied based on the individual patient’s needs and circumstances. Consulting with an audiologist is recommended for any concerns regarding hearing or balance issues.

Our Specialties

  • Diagnostic Hearing Assessment
  • Fitting Latest Hearing Aids (including 24/7 invisible LYRIC)
  • Tinnitus Assessment & Management
  • Pediatric Hearing Assessment (7+ months)
  • Electrophysiological Hearing Assessment
  • Auditory Processing Disorder Assessment (APD)
  • Ear Micro-suction
  • HSP Accredited: Subsidized Hearing services for eligible Pensioners & Veterans
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Financial Assistance & Rebates

• Medicare, Private Health and CDM Rebates with appropriate referrals
WorkCover + TAC Services for eligible clients
• HICAP with appropriate referrals
Payment Plans

Medicare & Private Health Rebate Access with Streamlined Referral Process

As of March 2023, eligible patients can benefit from Medicare rebates when referred by their GP for hearing services, given the submission of an appropriate referral.

To refer for audiological services, our “Audiology Referral to Ear and Hearing Australia” template is now accessible within the BestPractice & MedicalDirector templates. Alternatively, you can contact us to obtain digital or hard copies of the referral form, ensuring a streamlined and efficient referral process.

Online Audiology Referral Form

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