ReSound Hearing Aids

ReSound’s philosophy is to do more than just make sound audible: they aim to bring your sound to life in a way that makes you forget you have a hearing loss.


ReSound provides excellent sound by offering innovative hearing solutions that combine original thinking and design with solid technology, all based on deep audiological insight and understanding of hearing aid users. ReSound’s goal is to remove the barrier that has arisen in our modern era where so many sounds and communication come from a distance (mainly via electronic devices) instead of from people close to us. ReSound can help you stream all the sound that matters. With Made for iPhone and ReSound wireless accessories, they can, in some cases, even give you hearing advantages over people without hearing loss..

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ReSound LiNX 3DTM RIE 61

ReSound Smart Hearing aids use smart technologies to help you connect to the world around you, adapting to your life and your needs. ReSound are passionate about sound science and have developed a unique sound processing philosophy, ‘Surround Sound by ReSound’, which aims to remove the opportunity gap between people with and without hearing loss, and change the way we think about hearing aids.