Hearing Aid Brands

Being independent of manufacturers we offer all the best brands.

Independent of Manufacturers – Offering All Best Hearing Aid Brands

As an independent company dedicated to providing our customers with only the best product recommendations, we stock a wide range of hearing aid brands in a variety of cosmetically appealing styles and models, equipped with technologies aimed at managing different levels of hearing loss. Our dedicated team will give you unbiased advice specific to your unique circumstances and offer you the most appropriate hearing aid options based on the degree and type of your hearing loss, your hearing difficulty, your hearing needs, your lifestyle, and your budget.

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We stock

  • All major brands and models – latest technologies
  • All styles including the Completely in the Canal hearing aids
  • Invisible hearing aids
  • Latest rechargeable hearing aids
  • Phonak invisible Lyric hearing aids
  • Bone conduction hearing aids including MED-DEL ADHEAR
  • Latest digital hearing aids
  • CROS & Bi-CROSS hearing aids
  • Bluetooth& Wireless hearing aid accessories
  • Assistive hearing devices

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