What Our Clients Say

Mr Bert Newton

“Hi this is Bert. Dr Moh Dadafarin! Why do I say that name? Because that name has become very important in my life. You probably guessed in the sort of career I’ve had and radio and television and theatre. I’ve been subject to a lot of noise, quite often good noise but still lots of noise and for many years in radio particularly I wore earphones with loud noises coming through.”

My hearing used to be great and then a little later in life it wasn’t nearly as good and I was concerned that it was getting worse, that’s where Dr Moh came in to the situation and he is the principal of a wonderful practice or organization call it what you will and that is Ear and Hearing Australia. He’s done wonders for me. I can hear again so why not if you happen to be in the same boat as me? Take my advice it’s magic!

John D, Kew

The wearing of hearing aids has for me been a transformation of all sorts of situations in terms of enjoyment. The sound of my grandchildren talking in high-pitched voices, the ability to watch television at normal volumes. I can now sit in a coffee bar and enjoy the company of friends without them being uncomfortable and without having to ask people to repeat themselves or simply tune out of the conversation because I couldn’t hear them above the hubbub elsewhere so they’ve been a great advantage in that respect.

I was diagnosed with hearing loss in my left ear. Which at the time was just a high frequency loss and Moh was able to convince me of the merit of bilateral hearing aids for quality of hearing and to preserve the slight loss that I was suffering at that stage even in my right ear and early intervention I think has been very important for me.

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I wear my hearing aids all the time apart from when I’m asleep and it has changed the quality of my life very substantially. I’d highly recommended ear and hearing Australia as providing an excellent and very professional service. They are an independent company not bound to any one brand of hearing aid. So impartial information can be given to each individual as to which particular hearing aid was best suited to their particular problems. And in my own experience that we’ve had two generations of people who have had excellent and individual service and excellent follow-up following the fitting of appropriate hearing aids.

If you suspect you have any hearing loss then it is very important that you act sooner rather than later, and ear and hearing for me provided a free diagnostic, in which they detected the hearing loss and early intervention has proved to be very important and have subsequently had it explained to me why that early intervention is so important.

Mr Andrew W – Carlton Nth

“My diminished hearing was known best by my family and friends; I was the expert lip reader. At Ear Hearing Australia I found a caring practitioner able to turn vague doubts about my hearing loss into quantified problems and provide successful treatment.”

However, it is the follow-up to this minor miracle that so impresses me. (By the way I now hear clearly!) Any call by phone or in person to the clinic, is treated seriously and taken through to a totally satisfactory conclusion. A quiet explanation of complex matters gives me a deeper understanding of what the hearing process is all about. Friends referred to Ear Hearing Australia share my feelings.

Ann C, Kew

I’ve just had my second set of hearing aids fitted here in hearing Australian Kew and I’m thrilled with them. They’re absolutely fantastic and wearing hearing aids had changed my life and this set of hearing aids is even a better.

I’m wearing, I’m using an app on my iPhone to answer the phone and to change the level of sound. If I’m in a noisy restaurant I can cut out most of the background noise. If I’ve got little grandchildren and if they’re being noisy I can quiet it down. It’s quite empowering really and I don’t think anyone would ever imagine that I’m wearing hearing aids because you can see they’re very hard to see and they fit really well. The attention to detail and the backup and care that the team at ear and hearing Australia, especially in Kew, have provided me with is second to none.

Jo, Kew

Ear and Hearing Australia are exceptional. They’re professional to the highest standard. Dr. Moh is obviously very passionate about his work and it just shows right through. Everybody is so welcoming and make you feel comfortable straight away. It’s amazing, I love my hearing aids.

I was quite reluctant at first because I had had a previous bad experience but this time they had changed my life completely. I’m more outgoing, I’m far more comfortable in social situations. I can now hear my grandchildren when they speak softly. I can hear every word they say. It’s amazing the difference it has made. In social situations in restaurants I can now focus on conversations with the people around me. Sure I can hear background noise but yeah, it’s it’s far better than it used to be before. I advise people who suspect that they may have a hearing loss to get professional advice as soon as possible because the longer you leave it the worse your hearing is going to get, and well the better the outcome the sooner you seek advice.

Kim, Melbourne CBD

Now what I love about the Lyrics it’s the freedom that it gives me. Now I don’t have anything outside my ear. It means I can wear glasses, sunnies, headphones. I can wear you know even the iPod type headphones inside. It’s okay. I can wear a hat, I can wear baseball caps, scarf over my head, whatever.

And I don’t need to worry about things falling off either like I can jump back into exercise, I can go for a run. I don’t need to worry whether it’s gonna fall off or you know in the rain is it gonna get wet? It gives you that’s total sense of freedom to be yourself and still be able to hear all the sounds. You know absolutely crisp crystal-clear and just absolutely amazing. Ear and Australia has absolutely exceeded my expectations. the staff are very professional. The audiologist are University trained.

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Everyone treats you very nicely and they really care. Dr. Dadafarin is passionate about what he does and he’s very knowledgeable. I absolutely recommend Ear and Hearing Australia to anyone who hearing loss suspect you may have a hearing loss or you know you have a hearing loss and you might need a pair of hearing aids fitted, they’re definitely the people to go to.

Cynthia H, Burwood

“I’m so glad that 13 years ago I did come to Ear & Hearing Australia because their service is excellent. ….With the hearing aid I can now cut out the outside noise and hear the intimate conversation around the table. And the hearing aid is a great help, otherwise you just don’t go out because it’s too noisy.”

(When your hearing is improved) You’re not afraid of going out and mixing with people because you can converse with them. Where as if you can’t hear what they’re saying you tend to stay home and not just mix with them.

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Where as with your hearing aid because you can hear you can join in the conversation and you can – as I say –“ mix with the people.”

They are just so friendly and it is excellent service. In my working life I lectured at Monash University and I had problems at meetings particularly if we sat at long tables. I also had other problems at meetings and speaking 1-1. I thought we were not really solving the problem…

I should get some professional advise on it and that was when I came to Ear & Hearing Australia 13 years ago now and I’ve been coming here and been very satisfied in that time. With my problems being sorted out by very professional staff I have been getting over this hearing loss by using the hearing aid regularly. It’s much better when I go out and play solo, I can hear what other people are bidding around the table without saying “I beg your pardon” all the time in conversation. It’s much easier particularly with the grandchildren and with their high-pitched voices. I find it much easier to hear them. I just recommend people to go early and get some advice.

Robert S, Kew

When I first had a hearing test I went at the urging of my wife and work colleagues and I just went to keep them happy but once I got hearing aids I realized what I’ve been missing out on. I could hear people talking to me clearly I didn’t have to ask them five times.

I could hear the trees rustling and bird singing which was an immediate shock to me. It certainly has improved the quality of life I can get out you know meet friends I can listen to music. We don’t have to have the television blaring at night to watch show. Yeah it’s something I should have done many years earlier. I didn’t believe that hearing aids could be so small I always thought of granddad’s great big clunky hearing aids and I didn’t want that. But yeah probably the best decision I ever made was listening to my wife and work colleagues.

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I would advise people to actually if they had any inkling that they have a hearing loss they should actually talk to an audiologist as early as possible. Because like anything else the earlier it is, you know, found and diagnosed the better the treatment is.

I’ve been going to hearing hearing for three years. A little bit longer actually because I needed to call on them to actually do some repairs to the first set of ear hearing aids i bought which was from another audiologist and you could not find people to be more efficient and friendly and so convenient. I mean many locations and look, you know, if I have an issue I ring up I’m given an appointment. Sometimes I have to say no I can’t make a right away, I have to wait or come tomorrow. I could only recommend ear and hearing like you know as highly as possible I couldn’t recommend them anymore highly.

Gabrielle – Melbourne

“I would recommend Ear & Hearing Australia to anyone with hearing loss. I would recommend them above any audiologists because they really take the time to provide the best service… its all about caring for people who have a hearing loss and giving them the support that they need and that’s what I saw from the minute I walked in the door.”

And the ongoing support I would recommend to anyone to keep going back and use that support. I had 12 months of free service. I could come back when ever I wanted and not only would they be willing to see me again and adjust the aids if need be. But I was also provided with some services onsite in terms of changing equipment or providing me with extra products – things like that – things that I wasn’t able to get from other audiologist previously. They (hearing aids) needed to be sent away for weeks at a time if I ever needed a repair and I was really supported in that and it was mostly instantaneous service whenever I needed it which was exactly what you need with someone with hearing loss. You can’t go without your hearing aids for weeks at a time, it just doesn’t work.

So I really thank Ear & Hearing Australia for that and I’d recommend them to anyone.

Ms Julie K – Kew East

“In February 2008 I finally got over my reluctance and spoke with Moh Dadafarin, at Ear Hearing Australia, about my poor hearing. I had known for about five years known that I needed hearing aids but put it off in the hope that the problem would go away.”

Moh tested my hearing, explained about the loss of hearing and that even though the damage could not be rectified it could be helped with the latest in computerised hearing aid technology. At the time I was sceptical about the ability of the aids to improve my hearing overly much after 45 years of missing out but was at the desperate stage of not hearing 75% of most conversations and reduced to nodding my head although I had no idea what people were actually saying.

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After putting in the aids the difference was instantaneous. I could hear people talking to me, noises I had never heard before (computers humming, air conditioning working) and even discovered the sound of wildlife around Kew Junction. I do not know how to say it any other way but “it changed my life” – people are no longer abrupt with me because they get fed up with me not understanding them, family no longer badger me and best of all the world is a better place now.

Mrs June W – Parkdale

“It was partly due to my 5 yr old great nephew – Finnegan. Finn and his 2 older sisters were engrossed in being creative with the huge assortment of ‘art things’ from my teacher’s box of tricks. Finn approached me politely and gently in the kitchen “Aunty June, are you a little deaf?” “Yes Darling, why?” I replied. “Well, when I talk ordinary, you don’t answer.”

“IF I TALK LIKE THIS IS THAT BETTER?” Finn’s reality suddenly had to become mine. My subsequent search of the internet for general and specific information about deafness took place a few weeks later. How enlightening! One site in particular gave the teacher within a satisfactory and understandable explanation of causes and effect of hearing loss and the current range of technologies available to overcome this physical defect.

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Logic determined my actions. At 68, having been in education for 49 years, I could not help but wonder – how many difficult kids had responded in negative ways that I had possibly missed (the little demons) and how many of the majority of precious young people did I give a limited or nonsensical response to their communication?

I chose to be assessed by Ear & Hearing Australia as I appreciated the information I received form their website. I received an extensive and professional hearing assessment followed by a sensitive but clinical analysis of my specific needs. We discussed in detail the various attributes of a wide range of hearing devices, choosing one that incorporated the best level of technology.

I readily accepted the inevitable and received my “state of the art” hearing aids the following week. and much of the appointment was spent “tuning me in again” to the world.

I have since kept a diary of each days funny, alarming, unknown, forgotten, common, raucous, puzzling and exciting sounds that my aged brain has to crank up from the depths of my youth.

A million thanks to Ear & Hearing Australia for what seems to be, at the moment, a very noisy reality, that I’m sure will welcome as each day passes.

Paul A, Melbourne

Lyric and the good part about it is that they fit in the ear and it’s not like you’re wearing something. They work fine; I have a shower with them. I’m not a vain person but as you can say you can’t notice that I have a hearing aid device attached. The sound quality is fantastic and it gives me everything I really want.

I’ve had behind the ear hearing aids before and to me they were a little bit invasive. I had to take them out for a shower, I couldn’t sleep with them. It had just became an accessory item rather than something that sits there and just does a job without even knowing it. My experiences with Ear and Hearing Australia have been fantastic and I’d call I’d make an appointment and normally getting virtually the same day if not, a time that suits anyway. When I see the audiologist I’m dealing with a person who knows me. Very professional in their approach and just does what’s needed to be done. I really like the staff at Ear and Hearing and yeah it’s a good place to come and make sure that you’re hearing is working on nicely.

Gillian Y, Melbourne

Well my hearing aids have certainly helped me socialize in family and friends situation. Under most circumstances my hearing aids are absolutely essential. Well since I’ve retired one of my great pleasures in life is attending u3a lectures.

Without my hearing aids I would not be able to hear the lecturers and a great part of my life that I now enjoy would not be possible. My advice to people who think they have hearing loss is to have first of all have a hearing test and if your hearing test shows that hearing aids would help you and your lifestyle go ahead. It is an absolute life changer. My experience at ear and hearing has been very positive.

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The people there are qualified, they don’t actually push any particular one product. They’re more concerned with getting the product which would suit you as an individual and I have found the people at ear and hearing really care about what advice they give and what hearing aids they suggest. I have been a client of ear and hearing now for well over six years. In that time I have had two sets of hearing aids as my hearing has deteriorated the staff at ear and hearing have adjusted what I needed to have and I’m very pleased to say I now enjoy hearing as I never expected to.


Been using lyric’s for two and a half years now and I love them. The freedom of not having hearing aids. They always inserted 24/7 totally invisible and make my life much better. I’ve been coming to Ear and Hearing Australia for the last eight years.

I can recommend them to anybody seeking help with their hearing problems.


Hearing aids helped me a lot, both in my profession and social life. I can participate to conversations and I can understand clients better and I don’t have to ask them to repeat everything and I’m a lawyer so I do a lot of talking and listening.

Do you suspect you may have a hearing loss? I strongly recommend that you see an audiologist and maybe have a test. The good thing about having the test is that you going to find out whether your hearing is good, or whether you need treatment. The sooner you get the treatment, the better for you. If you find that you need hearing aids in order to improve your hearing don’t be afraid! Try one! If fitted by the right professional, hearing aids can improve quality of life.

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My experience with Ear and Hearing Australia has been very interesting, I find them knowledgeable, they give good holistic advice, they look at the whole person and I’ve never been disappointed. I’ve had hearing aids for ten years, I did see other audiologists but I think I’m much happier now with Ear and Hearing. They are independent and not affiliated with any manufacturer. That means they can give you, and will give, you unbiased advice that you can trust.


My advice to people who have a hearing loss is to have a hearing test. Have an experienced audiologist and seek advice. My new hearing aids help me work better. I can hear people.

I’m a travel agent so I need to hear people. In social situations you can actually hear one person talk but not a whole heap of gabble. I can actually hear the television now, without having turned up to maximum, best thing I ever did was to buy a set of hearing aids. I’ve been a patient at Ear and Hearing Australia for the past 19 years. I’ve always found them very patient and thoroughly enjoy the experience with them. I recommend Ear and Hearing Australia to anyone that has a hearing loss and I would strongly suggest that they go and see Moh at the earliest opportunity.


My surname is down D O W N and I emphasise the spelling because it’s a formidably difficult name to give over the telephone or to any business. They invariably want to add an E, an S a Y or an ES or something to it and when they do eventually get it …

There is the inevitable round of jokes which they’re sure you’ve never heard before like I’m sure you’ve met your brother Ben or do you have a sister Either Down if your dog’s name Punt Down have you got a cousin Stan Down and so on and so on it goes. I’m sure there is absolutely none that I haven’t heard before, anyway the reason that I mentioned Down is that four of us have been clients of Moh’s for some 20 years since he first started. And as we added Down and Down and Down and Down Moh’s business went up and up and up and it’s been a singular joy to be serviced.

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First for my two adult children then my mother and finally myself by Moh’s team. The challenges for the four of us were quite different. Our two children were both professionally trained and their hearing was a massive impediment to their satisfactory progress in their workplace and Moh was able to fit them with appropriate hearing aids. Not just the aids themselves but aids such that they would have access to all sorts of adjuncts to them. So that they could operate in a conference environment or a seminar environment one-to-one small groups and so on. And the coupling with their hearing aid with their cell phones and hearing aids proved invaluable because the use of traditional phones had always proved nigh on impossible given the gravity of their hearing loss. So they were a particular case and each was attended to very very professionally and lovingly.

When tragically we lost our daughter two years ago she was flying to a conference in Geneva, United Nations conference, and suffered a pulmonary embolus on the plane. I thought it was a reflection of how personal the service to our daughter had been that Ear and Hearing were well-represented at her memorial service and we were very very grateful for that . I think there are few professional services when one could ever draw on and assume that support would run to attending a memorial service following a death like that.

The third member of our family was my mother who by the time she started wearing hearing aids was very advanced in years and the whole person is treated so it was noted that she had arthritic fingers and therefore would be unlikely to be able to tune adjust and so forth her hearing aids. A lot of care went into telling her how she could put the batteries in and out and they were set at an optimum setting with no need for further adjustment to them. Moh is very very patient with running repairs like arthritic fingers would wrench the little battery cell open and the whole thing would come out rather than just the battery. So running repairs were always attended to promptly and graciously and again I’m very very thankful for that.

I suffered a different sort of deafness from our children high frequency deafness initially only in one year and Moh advocated very wisely in the event getting a pair of hearing aids notwithstanding that one of them was just going along for the beer and the other one was working hard. And the important thing there was that as the second ear started to lose acuity as well then I was deriving full benefit from the hearing aid in that ear.

I’ve always said to my friends that the instant you’re aware of hearing loss you should attend a professional and probably start wearing hearing aids straightway because the retention of things like discrimination between what you want to and what you don’t want to hear is much better addressed if you start wearing hearing aids right from the outset. Many of you would be aware of that and we’re very grateful for that advice.

So the quality, the continuity and the professionalism that we’ve enjoyed has been superb and the personal touches have been very very much appreciated and I can speak for our late daughter, and our son in passing on our sincere thanks for the difference it’s made in their workplace and each of them was able to achieve extraordinary lengths by dint of that help so thank you very much indeed Moh.


Hi everybody my name is Christina and about, you know, 15 years ago I realised that up my hearing was getting really bad. And the reason we worked that out is I was staring at people and trying to lip read and I’m thinking why am I doing that.

And I went home and my voice was getting louder and my husband saying to me “Why are you screaming?” and I said, “Am I screaming?” He said “Absolutely”. And the TV was going higher and higher. He said “I think it’s time you went to see someone sweetheart because your hearing’s getting bad!”  I thought, “Oh Gosh, I better do something”. I researched and researched and I found you in Kew, and I read up on all the reviews and they were just amazing. So I thought, I’m going to go there even though it’s nowhere near where I live.

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So I walked in and soon as I opened the door the receptionist had this massive smile on her face. Everybody was so welcoming and then I met Moh. He went in there and he went through all the different tests that we had to do and he said something to me that I’ll never forget he said “We can help you” and that meant so much to me. Thank you, Moh. He went on and picked the perfect hearing aids, which no one can even realise I have. Then when we had it fitted the first words he said to me were “How is my voice?” and I said “The most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard.” It was so crystal clear and I thought, “This is amazing, Thank God, and what a miracle”. And so then I was walking out of his office and I could hear the cars outside. I could hear the tram going past. I thought, this is incredible. I get into my car, I start the car and I hit the indicator and I thought, “What’s that noise?!” I have never even stopped to think that I couldn’t even hear the indicator on the car! And I thought, this is incredible.

So I went home; I’ve got a beautiful garden. I could hear the birds, I thought “Wow”, my brain literally had to restart recognising noises again, like things that I took for granted. Little noises, the glass on the table or just little things like that I could hear and it was just the most amazing thing because I had started to withdraw for a while. Thinking I don’t want to go out with my friends; I can’t hear what they’re saying I don’t to be staring at them trying to read their lips. Moh gave me my life back.

Thank you Moh, it’s the most amazing thing. The time that you took to make sure everything was fine. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving my life back to me and my family, and all the amazing staff you have. Hi Marcas, my little best friend over there.

They’re all amazing and I just want to say thank you. What a great great service you’ve provided and many many more years. a lot of place have closed and you’re open and I can tell you the secret why you’re still open Moh, and that’s your consistent customer service. Every time we go in it’s always the same, it’s always amazing, always happy, always helpful. So once again congratulations and thank you for giving me my life back.

Dr Bell

Hello everybody in previous life as a general practitioner I was very conscious of how important good hearing is and how isolating that can become if you don’t hear well.

I’ve got to know Moh and his team over the last six years and when I first got hearing aids six years ago they were very helpful. Time went by I realized the end of last year that I really needed to update things. I had heard about these wonderful new hearing aids and sit in your ear canal and they’re changed every three months and I thought how wonderful. Stop taking them on and off, no cleaning, no batteries. However, although tried them for a couple of months like ear canals didn’t suit the hearing aids.

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However, Moh and his team we’re not disheartened or put off, very patient, and they made sure that I ended up with just the right kind of hearing aid. A more modern version of the older ones. Small, easily fitted, looked after and rechargeable batteries which is good. They also connect to my phone and I can change the settings or the volumes and when it rings it rings in my ears and the conversation is in my ears not on the phone in the distance. So it’s great.

It’s been wonderful to have the association with Moh and his team because as an independent group they have access to all sorts of different kinds of hearing aids. So you’re not limited to one brand and one company and we ended up with getting just the right one for me and I’m wrapped and so thank you very much Moh. I really am very happy with your team and have enjoyed the the journey that we’ve made. So thank you.

George Tolongs – South Melbourne

Customer Service information and support are second to none at Ear and Hearing Australia. Would recommend highly as they have helped me immensely. 

Mr Derek B – Croydon North, Melbourne

I must say that I am very pleased with my hearing aids. I am now able to hear TV quite clearly and at a suitable volume for non-deaf people, appreciate music once again and with the telephone option, am able to speak on the phone without any trouble. Nor do I have any problems now at social functions where there is considerable background noise and find I can join in the conversation quite naturally. 

Ear and Hearing has been most thorough and have given a great deal of attention to the fit and fine tuning of my hearing aids. At all times I have found the service and after-service has been carried out most efficiently and courteously.

Mrs Majorie J – Balwyn North, Melbourne

A hearing loss can be extremely damaging to one’s ego and confidence, however this can be assisted by seeking help and advice from an audiologist specially trained in this matter. Quality of life is vital to us all, and I feel sure that the thorough testing and follow-up appointments given to me by audiologist, Mr. Moh Dadafarin, at Ear & Hearing Australia, Kew, are being very beneficial to me with my hearing loss.

Mrs Norma N – Hawthorn East, Melbourne

Thank you to Alex for introducing me to my Hearing aid. My world had become silent, but thanks to you and Ear & Hearing Australia, I’m back in the main stream of life.

Thanks Alex!

Dr Garry W – St Kilda, Melbourne

I am especially happy with the extended service and excellent customer care that Ear & Hearing Australia has continued to provide after getting my hearing aids nearly a year ago. The staff is happy to give extra time and attention to answering my specialised questions, and also offered a Hearing Workshop which I just attended and it exceeded my expectations in depth of coverage and insights shared with all participants. I heavily recommend Ear & Hearing Australia to all seeking the best products and service possible.

 Mr YIN T – Greensborough, Melbourne

Initially my main reason for getting a hearing aid was in the hope that I could enjoy music and movies more. Since my hearing loss was due to conductivity and it’s been 25 years since I used my left ear, music made the most impact since getting my hearing aid. I am still learning to hear again as Alex and Samantha (Ear & Hearing Australia Audiologists) told me that my long term condition has caused substantial audio depravations.

The first evening when I had my hearing aid on, I sat down to listen to music and was totally blown away with the depth of music that I could hear. I could say it’s almost comparing watching a 2D vs 3D movie. I could hear instruments being played in the background and can distinguish the directions the various instruments were being played from. I just wished right there and then I had a hearing aid much earlier. To top it off, I now enjoy hearing surround sound movies. It’s amazing to sit there and watch a movie and hear birds & insects buzzing in the background.

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When walking in the park, I now know which direction the birds are. Whereas before my hearing aid, I would have to scan and turn around to find out which directions the bird songs were coming from. Also it’s great to walk along the stream and hear the rush of water more clearly. In my office, I now can tell when my phone is ringing. More importantly when I am on the phone I can hear when someone is speaking with my hearing aid. Prior to my hearing aid I am totally oblivious to people trying to get my attention while I’m put on hold on the phone.

I realise I still have a long way to go, however, with the improvements I have already notice, it’s definitely worthwhile getting my hearing aid. I now encourage my work colleagues and friends with hearing loss to get their ears checked as I fully understand what audio depravation means. Thanks again to Samantha for the patience and time with my hearing aid.

Mr Fred S – Camberwell, Melbourne

Fred has been a valued client of Ear and Hearing and hasn’t let wearing a hearing aid slow him down, incredibly together with his wife Barbara have cycled over 40,000km. As far as the hearing aids, are concerned they are really life changing in so many ways. For one Barbara and I can happily carry on a conversation whilst riding – not possible before. Ear and Hearing have been a delight to deal with. I have at all times found the service to be professional, competent and friendly and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone with a hearing loss.

Mrs Ingrid M – Kooyong, Melbourne

I am very happy with the professional, friendly and supportive service I have received from Ear and Hearing. Thank you all!

Mrs Susan H – Kew, Melbourne

My family became increasingly frustrated at my asking to repeat themselves. They said I should get my hearing tested. Ear and Hearing Australia were excellent, the various options were discussed and a lot of time was taken to get the hearing instruments to work specifically for me. I can now hear people more easily, it has tremendously improved my quality of life – I can now hear conversations and I turn down the volume on the radio and TV.

Mr Bruce L – Forest Hill, Melbourne

Like many I did not believe I needed a Hearing Aid, my family and friends mumbled I thought. After some convincing I went to see Moh Dadafarin at Ear and Hearing Australia in Camberwell. After the Hearing Test I knew I had a problem. I am now on my second Hearing Aid and did not realize what I was missing out on. To be able to go to a restaurant and join in conversations better than a lot of others without an aid. To hear the birds , the doorbell, the phone to name but a few, it has made a BIG difference – THANKS

Mr Christopher K – Surrey Hills, Melbourne

Since the introduction of my Hearing Aids I can now hear my two grandchildren playing in the garden when I am inside and also when they talk softly to me. I can hear the birds outside and have good conversations with my friends. Watching TV now means the whole street doesn’t have to listen to what I am watching. And most of all I feel safer in my home because I can now hear everything. Thank you to the team at Ear and Hearing life is much better for me now I can hear.

Mrs Betty E – Camberwell, Melbourne

One of the smartest things I’ve done in recent years was to recognize that I did have a hearing problem and then to do something about it. Today, thanks to Ear & Hearing I have two hearing aids that have completely changed my life. I’ve gone from missing out on conversations to being able to join in. My social life has changed because I don’t have to avoid situations because I could not hear. I feel more confident when I interact with people. I have now reclaimed my life!

Mr Rowan E – Rowville, Melbourne

It has been great to hear people, voices and the sounds around me. I have been able to enjoy life more and not stay indoors. I found the service excellent at Ear and Hearing Australia. They have been great and are continually improving and taken the time to listen to what I need.

Mr Peter G – Kew EAST, Melbourne

I could not hear what was being said and the TV and Radio needed to be loud, this caused confusion when conversations where missed. After visiting Ear and Hearing Australia and being fitted with hearing aids, I find it easier to follow the plot in TV programs and social situations. I am impressed with the standard of service at Ear and Hearing Australia and will recommend them to others. The level of attention is first rate.

Mrs Johanna M – Abbotsford, Melbourne

Four years ago I had to strain a lot to hear what was being said, and often felt quite exhausted. Subsequently I often withdrew from joining in conversations. My loss of hearing interrupted the flow of conversation. It was easy to both miss out on humour, and important communication. At times I sensed frustration in others and myself. I visited the staff at Ear and Hearing Australia and with the aid of a hearing aid bought my hearing back to life.

I felt relieved as it brought to light concretely the “Why” of the difficulties hearing loss can bring that I had been experiencing. The loss was gradual without becoming aware of it until I was tested. It is a wonderful sense to be it touch with my surroundings and Increased safety when driving. Hearing sounds of birds, wind, rustling of clothes and the television.

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I can now hear the TV without increased volume and also hear my two dogs bark at night which could disturb the neighbours. At work I can hear the whisper of the aged or seriously ill person.

I found the service provided by Ear and Hearing Australia to be professional and caring, they appreciated the sensitivity of a hearing loss. Ear and Hearing Australia where aware of the specific individual needs and tailoring hearing aids accordingly. The actual experience of restored hearing brings about an enhanced quality of life on all levels.issed out on for years.

I already feel much more confident in public, and I don’t know why I didn’t listen years ago.

Mrs Christina P – Preston, Melbourne

Imagine being a receptionist and not being able to hear fully. I was fine face to face as I was able to read peoples lips but on the phone I kept saying “could you please repeat that for me” My husband convinced me that it was time I had my ears tested, I think he was also tired of me asking him to repeat himself) I thought where do I start. After ringing around and without any success, I finally contacted Ear and Hearing Australia and spoke to Moh Dadafarin.  

What a pleasant surprise, Moh tested my hearing and spent considerable amount of time with me selecting the correct hearing aids to suit my needs. I struggled with the fact that I had a hearing problem as I imagined it would be much later on in life that I would need to worry about something like that. To my surprise it took no time to get used to my hearing aids and now I can hear people in the next room. I could not be more happy with the service that I have received at Ear and Hearing Australia and the staff have to be the nicest people I have ever come across. I think Moh must have handpicked each and every one of them. Nothing is too much trouble from ordering batteries to re-testing the hearing aids they would always be pleasant to deal with.

Mrs Katrina N – Preston, Melbourne

My hearing loss was slowly causing grief to my health and well being, especially since my hobbies involved music and dance. Luckily the answer came when I suddenly decided to ring Ear and Hearing Australia and my life changed for the better. I was able to play the organ in the church again with confidence, and also continue competing with my husband in ballroom dancing competitions. We were always fighting and unhappy as I was always out of time and could not hear the beats at the dance practice.  

Our dream of becoming Australian champions and even competing overseas seemed impossible. Now I am dancing better and we are now Australian national-capital champions after the many years of defeat. I am looking forward to new competitions with my new hearing aids and enjoying my life.

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All that remains now is to thank all the staff at Ear and Hearing Australia for their amazing and consistent customer service.Look forward now to a more wonderful sounding world. Good work Team very professional service.

Mr John C – Kew, Melbourne

I am hearing sounds such as birdcalls, breeze, and leaves underfoot, pedestrian crossing alerts, and generally “life” noises, which I did not know existed. Even whilst playing golf I am now able to hear comments and even the club contacting the ball. I’m comfortable with conversations and have improved confidence that I am correctly responding. Attending a performance at the retirement village, I heard piano playing and singing with greater pleasure than since my hearing was damaged more than 50 years ago.

Mr Lionel M – Toorak, Melbourne

I have had poor hearing for several years, but would not admit to it until recently. It got to the stage that I was embarrassed both socially and at work – I continually had to ask people to repeat what they had said, and had the television turned up very high. Having had several “hearing tests”, and being told by all practitioners that my hearing was “below average” and that I should try hearing aids, I didn’t take any notice of them until I finally met up with the audiologist Moh Dadafarin. I was very impressed by him and the thoroughness of his testing. I agreed to try the hearing aids and now realise what I have missed out on for years. I already feel much more confident in public, and I don’t know why I didn’t listen years ago.

Christina Peros- Kew, Melbourne

Hearing the amazing sounds of the outside world is a wonderful experience. I started off a few years ago, I was losing my hearing and I was missing out on these amazing sounds because I was too embarrassed to have my hearing checked. I felt isolated and didn’t want join into any conversations or even be around my friends. It started to affect my work which was dealing with people face-to-face. One day decided that this was not working for me and I started to search for a hearing professional to solve my problem. 

I was very fortunate to come across ear and hearing Australia. After reading their review I knew this was the right place for me. From my very first appointment I knew I had the right choice and their expertise was second to none. There caring and gentle manner sealed the fact that I had made the right chose. It is a big move to start wearing a hearing aid form choosing right style and adjusting to the new sounds. They took me step-by-step through the whole process with such ease. I now wonder why it took me so long to take the first step. With their follow up appointments and amazing team I felt that there was nothing I couldn’t achieve. I have no problem communicating in groups or noisy situations. The best thing of all is that I can hear and feel normal again!

Ms Julie Hay – Camberwell, Melbourne

My new digital aids are fantastic! One feature which has made my life so much easier is that my mobile streams straight to my aids. Many thanks to the kind team at Ear and Hearing which has been my hearing aid provider for 9 years. I travel for 40 mins to access this reliable company because all services, adjustments, mold replacements and appointments are covered in the initial cost. This is a significant saving, but also peace of mind for me; I know it’s an enduring company. I highly recommend them because their expertise, patience and after care, are second to none.

Mr Michael J – Kew, Melbourne

I have no hesitation in recommending Moh for both the quality of the hearing aids and the level of friendly and competent professional service he provides. After exploring the use of the various hearing aid facilities with only limited success, I am delighted to have been introduced to this new more effective technology, accompanied by Moh’s readily available ongoing service.

Dr Stuart D – Blackburn North

As a client of Ear & Hearing Australia since 2004, I have been constantly provided with the highest level of care and attention to detail. Whilst “managing” without hearing aids in my life to that point, advice from friends and family at a time I knew my hearing was declining resulted in my seeking professional advice from Moh Dadafarin at Ear & Hearing in Kew. Whilst adjusting to my first pair of hearing aids presented significant challenges, the benefits were immediately apparent.

Hearing the phone, the television and engaging in group conversations became so much easier. Simple pleasures in life previously denied to me, such as hearing the birds in the trees, were now a reality. The patience and education provided to me over the years by Moh Dadafarin, and more recently Samantha Tai, has been exemplary. Their understanding and willingness to attend to emergency repairs or any query – great or small, has very much facilitated both my ability to work as a doctor, and my recent transition to upgraded hearing aids.

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I recently traveled to Sydney to accept the Libby Harricks Achievement Award for 2009. This award is sponsored by Self Help for Hard of Hearing People (SHHH) Australia, and is presented to someone whom has “been able to effectively manage a hearing loss and achieve success despite their handicap…(someone whom)…has significant public and personal achievement through self-determination and hard work. This award would not have been possible without the unwavering support from my parents, from the disability liaison services in place at primary through to tertiary education level, and from the professionalism and care provided by all at Ear & Hearing Australia.

My hearing loss originally dates back to my flying duties during the war. I have been using hearing aids for a long time. A few months ago I left the Audiology provider I had been with since I was first with a hearing aid and transferred to Ear & Hearing Australia in Camberwell. From my first visit I have been impressed with the care and level of service. My new hearing aid is much better than any I had previously. The after care has been excellent and I only wish that I had made the change earlier.

Many thanks for your help which has made a big improvement to my ability to enjoy day to day activities.

Mrs Livia C – Kew

My husband and I had increasing difficulty understanding each other, let alone the grandchildren. We couldn’t hear sounds like the clock ticking or the birds chirping. At family gatherings, we almost stopped talking because we couldn’t hear the different conversations. We went to see Moh at Ear & Hearing Australia, who was friendly and helpful and we were impressed with his patience and understanding of our problems. The before and after differences are staggering and the ongoing service has not fallen away. Nothing is too much trouble for them.

Mrs Margaret M – Echuca

56 yrs young, thanks to my new ears! My empowerment and return to life…. It was the best decision I ever made to regain my life. I was retreating and hibernating from life prior to getting my aids. Now I am living life with a new found energy. I use to sit quietly in a crowd like a door mouse. Now I am enjoying meeting new people with no fear of not understanding what they are saying and I can participate in the conversation and voice my opinions.

I can also hear and understand my grandchildren talking and when dining out I can hear conversations from people further away without having to look up from my plate to lip read to understand what they are saying.

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I have had severe psoriasis which is caused by stress and anxiety, however since I have had my hearing aids I have found a marked improvement in my skin. I am smiling again and don’t frown so much from the stress of not hearing. With my new found confidence I am planning on returning to work. I experienced wonderful help and customers service from Ear & Hearing Australia. Moh Dadafarin has a great understanding and compassion for the hearing impaired people.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Mrs Concetta T – Reservoir

Hearing aids have put the smile back on my face … As a 97 year old I had accepted the isolation of not being able to hear. In fact I was not convinced that hearing aids would be of any benefits to me but thanks to the persistence of my Audiologist at Ear Hearing Australia; I can now say buying these hearing aids was the best decision I have made. Before I was fitted with these hearing aids, I was feeling very depressed as a result of not being able to join the family conversation.

Since being fitted with my hearing aids, my life and that of my family has been transformed. I am now able to join in with all that is going on around me. I am thankful for the ongoing persistence and care shown to me by Ear & Hearing Australia. Thank you.

Mr Victor C – Yarrambat

I am a 55 year-old male who has suffered industrial noise deafness. In the past four weeks I have been wearing digital hearing aids. The change to my lifestyle has been great. I am now more confident when in conversation with groups of people. I am able to clearly hear everyone. I do not get frustrated any more by not being able to hear and always asking people what they said. I now enjoy watching T.V., as it is not too loud for the rest of the family.

I also enjoy hearing sounds I have not heard for a long time. Most of all, friends are commenting how my voice is a lot softer and how they enjoy my company in conversation.

Mr Wolfgang T – Croydon, Melbourne.

After experiencing two sudden hearing losses within 10 years, the limited level of hearing that is still available to me is very valuable. The hearing aids that I use to support my ability to communicate with family, friends and in my working environment have to function well and up to 18 hours a day to ensure that I can participate in all communication processes. I can buy quality hearing aids from many suppliers at competitive prices because suppliers depend on sales to run their businesses.

However, the best hearing aid is only as good as the After Sales Service that the supplier is willing to provide to support a customer’s needs.

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After having had dealings with some suppliers who were more sales orientated rather than customer orientated and after some expensive disappointments, I approached Ear Hearing Australia only to find that I do receive the support that enables me to use my hearing aids with confidence. My life has changed for the better because support is only a phone call away.

I am confident that I can depend on Ear Hearing Australia to keep my hearing aids going….I cannot ask for anything else.

Mrs Yvonne s – Balwyn North, Melbourne

I could not imagine life without my hearing aids … My quality of life has gone up 100% since being fitted with hearing aids. My family and friends are also delighted – they no long have to shout or repeat themselves. I only have a mild hearing loss, that is why I did not realise what I was missing until I was fitted with these aids. I enjoy the conversation allot more as I can follow everything! My positive attitude helped me to accept the hearing aids. The follow-up service and the support from my Audiologist, Mr Moh Dadafarin were other key factors. I would like to thank everyone at Ear Hearing Australia for their excellent support and back-up service.

Mr Raymond P – Kew, Melbourne

Since my very first meeting with Ear Hearing Australia I have been most appreciative of their very professional approach to the marked improvement of my hearing. I seldom now have need for the phrase “what was that again?” in my conversation. My whole experience of the consultations, fitting and after care has been most supportive, with their “nothing is a problem” attitude.

Mrs Gwen M – Nth Balwyn, Melbourne

Having hearing aids has meant that I no longer have to ask my husband to repeat words that I have missed while watching television. I can now understand what my grandchildren are saying without them having to repeat themselves. I no longer have to “lip read” to understand what people are saying to me in crowded places. It is early days yet but I feel confident that I will eventually regard my hearing aids, like my spectacles, as part of me! Thank you Ear Hearing Australia for your courteous attention to detail in explaining to me everything pertaining to hearing loss.

Mr Ron P – Balwyn, Melbourne

This is to convey my thanks to you for the efficient and courteous manner in which you have attended my wife’s hearing difficulties. You have been kind, thoughtful and patient and accordingly the hearing aids have been accepted quite quickly and to great benefit. I have and will continue to recommend your company – Ear Hearing Australia – to my friends and others.

Mrs Jean P – Kew, Melbourne

I am in my eighties and until a few years ago, did not realise my hearing was starting to deteriorate. When I came to Melbourne to live I decided to visit Ear Hearing Australia in Kew on the advice of a friend who was most satisfied with the treatment. My audiologist was most helpful when I was examined for the correct hearing aid. I now have an Oticon Digifocus II and realise how much I missed prior to having it fitted. It was amazing to hear the clock ticking and the birds twittering. Conversation was clearer and going to concerts and particularly plays made so much difference – it became a normal way of life. But – most of all the back-up I receive from the Ear Hearing Australia is fantastic – nothing is any trouble to my Audiologist when I go for a check up.

Mrs Julianne R – Belgrave, Melbourne

When I suddenly lost my hearing at age 39, I discovered I lost more than my hearing. I began to feel very isolated and started withdrawing from social gatherings and friends. I also felt I had lost my dignity. People would assume that because I couldn’t hear, I must also have something mentally wrong and was often treated as “simple”. I began to feel very paranoid, thinking that people were talking about me; I couldn’t even hear my husband when he spoke on the phone, which fed into my paranoia. I often felt frustrated and alone. 

It wasn’t until about four months later, when I had an appointment with Moh, my audiologist from Ear and Hearing Australia that I could actually regain most of my hearing through the use of hearing aids. I heard my first few words for months!

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How I felt was indescribable. My depression lifted instantly and I couldn’t resist throwing my arms around Moh and giving him a big hug! Ear and Hearing Australia and Moh made it possible for me to return to a normal life and I can’t thank them enough.

Dr Jack N – Camberwell, Melbourne

My hearing loss originally dates back to my flying duties during the war. I have been using hearing aids for a long time. A few months ago I left the Audiology provider I had been with since I was first with a hearing aid and transferred to Ear & Hearing Australia in Camberwell. From my first visit I have been impressed with the care and level of service. My new hearing aid is much better than any I had previously. The after care has been excellent and I only wish that I had made the change earlier. Many thanks for your help which has made a big improvement to my ability to enjoy day to day activities.

Mrs Merna W – Northcote, Melbourne

I can now communicate with my grand children and not ask their mum what theysaid to me. This morning I put on some music and left the room. I put my hearing aids in and was amazed at the quality of sound.  I certainly missed out on sound for a long time. Deafness sneaks up on you slowly. Now I feel that I have a second lease on life and hear every day noises that I remember from years back. Have a go!

Mr Ernesto D – Reservoir, Melbourne

I take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for all the help you have given my Father, Mr. Ernesto Di Rago, during his journey of having his new hearing aids. Moh, thanks for your huge patience and your persistence to make Dad feel comfortable whenever we have met. Your re-assuring him has given him confidence and the willingness to accept his hearing aids. Thanks a million, this means sooo much to us.


Mr Bea Toews – Ocean Grove, Melbourne

Thorough, professional and friendly help at the Camberwell branch with everyone. The receptionist went the second mile. The audiologist was as efficient in 2021 as she was in 2016, I am delighted with Hani’s manner and knowledge