Assistive Hearing Devices

Maximum hearing potential

Providing total Audiology care, at Ear & Hearing Australia, our audiologists can help you achieve your maximum hearing potential by providing the best strategies and solutions to manage your hearing loss.

While Hearing Aids make it easier to hear much better in most listening situations, they aren’t the only devices available for people with hearing loss. There are many other products called Assistive Hearing Devices that can help you hear better in everyday situation


Assistive Listening Devices can be used with or without hearing aids. They are sometimes recommended as alternative options to hearing aids, but most of the time they are recommended as complementary additions to hearing aids for specific listening situations, where a hearing aid alone may not provide optimal outcomes.

Ear and Hearing Australia stocks a selection of Assistive Listening Devices, which are available for demonstration at selected clinics. These devices can also be reviewed and purchased online.