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Hearing Aids

Hearing aids significantly improve communication and will assist you to confidently enjoy a full and active lifestyle. View styles, designs and sizes.
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Hearing Test

Our highly skilled audiologists ensure accurate hearing assessment to provide you with 
the best solutions specific to your individual needs.
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Tinnitus Treatment

Noise or ringing in the ears may be a warning signal that you are developing hearing loss. Do see our audiologists for a hearing test as soon as possible.
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Ear Wax Micro Suction

Professional, safe, and effective ear wax removal using a gentle micro-suction technology, without the discomfort of syringing methods.

Meet Invisible Lyric

World's only 100% Invisible Hearing Aids

We are a premium, independent, Melbourne-based, Australian hearing practice established in 1998. At Ear & Hearing Australia, we know that how we look after our clients is what sets us apart from the rest.




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HIGHLY QUALIFIED. Our experienced, highly-qualified audiologists hold Masters, PhD and/or Doctorate degrees in Audiology.
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INDEPENDENT OF MANUFACTURERS. We are not aligned or owned by a manufacturer, thereby allowing us to provide unbiased advice.
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PROFESSIONAL. Our audiologists receive no commissions or incentives; offer the best individual solutions for your needs.
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HOLISTIC TREATMENT. We consider all your hearing difficulties, needs & lifestyle requirements before recommending any treatment options.

Hearing Loss

Can you hear the quiet rustle of leaves in the wind, birds singing or the grandchildren whispering in your ear? Have those sounds disappeared? The sooner you have your hearing tested the sooner you’ll be able to enjoy better quality of life again.

What are the best hearing aids? Read these reviews.

Audiology & Hearing News and Blogs

We’re safely OPEN and here to help

We’re safely OPEN and here to help

With the recent return to Stage 3 Stay at Home restrictions for metropolitan Melbourne, being able to hear and communicate well has never been more important in keeping social isolation at bay. To ensure you are maximising your hearing potential, communicating to the...

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Video Chatting: Tips for Ease of Communication

Video Chatting: Tips for Ease of Communication

Video chatting has become an important tool in helping us stay connected to family, friends and work-colleagues while observing stay-at-home regulations. Here, we present some tips for communicating effectively when using this popular medium. Today we are spoilt for...

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Ear & Hearing RemoteCare

Ear & Hearing RemoteCare

We are now offering RemoteCare as part of our services to help you stay connected to your loved ones. We all know good hearing is paramount in enabling people to stay connected to life. For this reason, should the current COVID-19 isolation measures be impacting your...

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