Lyric Hearing Aid

Phonak LyricTM 3 – The Benefits

 Phonak LyricTM 3

The contact lens for your ears!

100% invisible

The Lyric Hearing Aid has a revolutionary design that offers complete invisibility. You can enjoy the benefits of better hearing without anyone ever knowing you’re wearing a hearing aid. Being the ultimate invisible hearing solution, Lyric is placed deep in your ear canal by a clinically trained Audiologist, and is the most cosmetic hearing aid on the market.


Natural sound quality

Lyric’s cutting edge technology offers exceptional sound quality. Lyric uses the natural properties of your outer ears to improve localization, feedback and occlusion, giving you a natural sense of hearing and provides better directionality and fantastic sound quality. Lyric gives you exceptional hearing and lets you live your life without constraints.

Other benefits include: Ability to use the telephone and other ear level listening devices (headphones, stethoscopes) without feedback; Secure fitting with better retention; and reduction of wind noise.


There are currently thousands of people worldwide successfully wearing the instrument. As the device is replaced every few months with a brand new product, you can continuously benefit from all the updates in technology that are made available.

Lyric is completely different to any other hearing aid on the market, due to the fact that it can be worn continuously for months at a time. You will have no daily reminder of your hearing loss and people who currently wear Lyric say that they no longer feel like they wear a hearing aid. You will have the freedom to shower, sleep, speak on the phone, hear a whispered goodnight from a loved one – do all the things that we should be able take for granted without the sometimes irritating constraints of a hearing aid.

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