Pensioners and Veterans


Accredited Provider

Ear & Hearing Australia is accredited to provide Government-funded hearing services to eligible pensioners and veterans.

To be eligible you must hold either a Pensioner Concession Card, a Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Gold Repatriation Health Card (or a white card issued for hearing loss), or be in receipt of a sickness allowance. Eligible dependents of one of these cardholders may also be eligible.

Services Available

Eligible people can obtain the following services, by applying to the Office of Hearing Services, at no cost:

  • Hearing assessment
  • Hearing rehabilitation, incl. supply and fitting of a standard hearing aid

In addition, eligible people may obtain maintenance and a regular supply of batteries for their hearing aids on payment of an annual contribution fee.

Applying for Hearing Services Voucher

You will first need to apply for a “Hearing Services Voucher”. Application forms are available from your Doctor or you can contact us for one. If you already have a Voucher, just contact us for an appointment. If you do not yet have a Voucher we can assist you in obtaining one; free of charge and with no obligation.

The Hearing Services voucher entitles you to a free hearing aid, however, you may choose to pay a contribution and be fitted with a more advanced hearing aid that has additional features. This is called ‘Top Up’ and your Audiologist will be able to discuss the benefits you may receive from the additional features of ‘Top Up’ hearing aids.