Hearing Aid Batteries, Repairs & Maintenance

All Major Hearing Aid Brands

Ear & Hearing Australia has hearing aid batteries and carries out repairs and maintenance to all major brands of hearing aids. Most repairs are done in-house. However, in some cases, the aid may be sent to the manufacturer. A loan aid may be provided while your hearing aid is under a repair.

We provide quality hearing aid batteries for all types of hearing aids at a very competitive price. Batteries can be ordered by phone and be delivered by mail.

Hearing aid batteries for most brands
Hearing aid batteries for most brands

Pensioners and Veterans

Pensioners and Veterans may obtain maintenance of their hearing aids and regular supply of hearing aid batteries on payment of an annual fee (Veterans may be exempt). Find out more about services for pensioners and veterans.


Hearing Aid Batteries and repairs for WorkCover clients are at no cost to you and are covered by the WorkCover Insurer.

Hearing aid batteries for most brands