Hearing Remote Care

Consult your Audiologist from Anywhere

Consult your Audiologist from Anywhere

  • Have expert hearing consultations in the comfort and safety of your own home
  • Get your hearing aids programmed and adjusted remotely
  • Adjust and test your hearing aid settings in real time
  • Save time and money travelling to and from your hearing clinic
  • Stay in touch with your audiologist through phone calls, video and text messages

What is Ear and Hearing RemoteCare?

Ear and Hearing RemoteCare is the provision of audiological services over the phone or internet. RemoteCare – also known as ‘TeleAudiology’ – enables your audiologist to provide you with expert hearing care remotely, without the need for an in-person visit.

What Ear and Hearing Services Can Be Provided Remotely?

Ear and Hearing RemoteCare allows you to have:

  • Routine and follow-up hearing consultations
  • Hearing aid tests, programming and adjustments performed in real time
  • Troubleshooting, training and support for your hearing devices
  • Auditory training as part of your hearing rehabilitation program
  • Tinnitus and hearing counselling
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These professional audiological services can be provided remotely via a range of communication modes including phone calls, video calls and through the use of specially designed RemoteCare Audiology apps provided by the various hearing aid manufacturers.

RemoteCare via phone: You can consult your audiologist via phone to receive advice, discuss your hearing loss and specific hearing requirements, and for recommendations on the most suitable treatment options available. If you have recently been fitted with hearing aids, your audiologist can assess your progress, help you with extra training, troubleshooting or other support, and suggest hearing aid adjustments if required. Additional calls or other types of RemoteCare appointments may be necessary and, in some cases, your audiologist may recommend a face-to-face visit.

RemoteCare via video call or video apps: For people with severe or profound hearing loss video calls are likely to be more beneficial then audio-only calls, as video calls provide visual cues that help improve speech understanding. Video calls can also be a preferable method if hearing aid troubleshooting and training is necessary. Video calls can be made via popular web/smartphone apps like Facetime or Skype, or by using the RemoteCare Audiology apps provided by the various hearing aid manufacturers, provided your hearing aids are compatible.

RemoteCare via Audiology apps: Thanks to specially designed RemoteCare Audiology apps, your audiologist can provide counselling, advice, training, and make real-time adjustments to your hearing aids (if required) remotely, without requiring a face-to-face visit. As long as you are wearing RemoteCare-enabled hearing aids and have a compatible iOS or Android device, web-based technologies that connect your hearing aid manufacturer’s RemoteCare Audiology app to a secure online client portal on your audiologist’s computer allow your hearing care expert to provide professional virtual consultations, while you stay safe and comfortable at home.

Hearing Aid Adjustments Using RemoteCare Apps: Benefits

For those with limited mobility, who live a sizeable distance from an audiology clinic or who are sheltering in place to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, the benefits of professional hearing care via RemoteCare are immediate and significant. There are also many additional device-related benefits of RemoteCare that deliver better hearing aid performance and satisfaction, including:

  • Real time hearing aid updates – Adjustments to your hearing aids can be identified, implemented and tested on-the-spot, thereby boosting your hearing aid performance in the listening environments that you find most challenging.
  • Speed of service – RemoteCare allows you to very easily consult with your audiologist via phone or video chat as often as required from wherever you are. This means that any issues you have with your hearing aids or management plan can be resolved more quickly than they would if you had to wait for an in-person visit. Additionally, this increased interaction with your audiologist gives rise to a system of continuous improvement that will dramatically increase your satisfaction with your hearing aids and your overall hearing health.
  • Ongoing performance monitoring – From communication during RemoteCare appointments and data gleaned via the secure online client portal, your audiologist will have an immediate and thorough insight into your hearing aid usage and performance. This information will guide their care recommendations and help identify potential hearing aid sound and programming adjustments, which can lead to major improvements in performance and product satisfaction.

Hearing Aid Adjustments Using RemoteCare Apps: Limitations

Despite the many benefits of RemoteCare, there are a number of limitations to the care model. You will still need to visit your audiologist for an initial hearing test and hearing aid fitting, and to make any necessary adjustments to the physical fit of your hearing aid device. And real ear measurements (REM) – an important test that verifies your hearing aids are meeting your unique amplification requirement – must be undertaken in-clinic. Further, you will need to have RemoteCare-enabled hearing aids and a compatible Android or iOS device to be able to adjust your hearing aids remotely using RemoteCare Audiology apps (see below for a full list of major hearing aid brands and their associated RemoteCare apps).

Audiology RemoteCare Apps

Major hearing aid brands including Phonak, Oticon, Unitron, GN Resound, Signia, Starkey & Widex offer RemoteCare Audiology apps for one or more of their product lines.

Phonak RemoteCare Support

Phonak currently offers RemoteCare support using the myPhonak app. This app has video call capability and allows your audiologist to make real time adjustments to your hearing aids remotely. The myPhonak app also has a Hearing Diary feature, which logs all your hearing aid usage so your audiologist can review how, where, and when you use your different audio settings. It also lets you share your experiences and satisfaction ratings with your provider, who can use the information to quickly and easily provide program updates.
Phonak hearing aid models supported: Audeó Belong Direct, Audeo Marvel, Bolero Marvel, Naida Marvel and Virto Marvel.

Oticon RemoteCare Support

Oticon’s RemoteCare app works with both Android and iOS devices and enables you to schedule an appointment and have a video call, audio call, or text-messaging session with your audiologist. During a remote appointment your audiologist can make real-time adjustments to your hearing aids and your provider can adjust the settings as many times as required.
Oticon hearing aid models supported: OPN S, OPN, Xceed, Ruby and Syia.

ReSound RemoteCare Support

ReSound Smart 3D smartphone app (iOS only) allows users to request and receive adjustments to their hearing aids remotely and in real time. And with the introduction of the new ReSound Assist live feature, it’s now possible to have video calls with your provider.
ReSound hearing aid models supported: wireless Bluetooth hearing aids including ReSound LiNX Quattro and ReSound Enzo Q.

Signia RemoteCare Support

Signia RemoteCare services are delivered through the Signia app, which offers video calls and live remote hearing aid adjustments.
Signia hearing aid models supported: most Signia Xperience and Nx models.

Starkey RemoteCare Support

Starkey’s Thrive Hearing Control app allows users to submit a request for hearing aid updates and adjustments to be programmed remotely.
Starkey hearing aid models supported: Livio, Livio Edge and Livio AI.

Widex RemoteCare Support

Real time hearing aid programming and adjustments and live video calls are made possible through a combination of the Widex Remote Care app and Widex Remote Link neck worn accessory.
Widex hearing aid models supported: Beyond, Evoke and Moment.

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How To Book An Ear and Hearing RemoteCare Appointment

To arrange a RemoteCare appointment book online or call 1300 761 667 to request a call back from your audiologist. Before an appointment is made your audiologist will discuss the type of RemoteCare appointment required and let you know if your hearing aids are RemoteCare-capable. Your audiologist will also provide you with instructions on how to install the appropriate hearing aid manufacturer’s Audiology app and give tips on how to remotely manage your RemoteCare appointment.

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