Oticon hearing aids

Established over 100 years ago Oticon is today amongst the three largest providers of hearing care solutions in the world. Oticon designs and manufactures hearing devices for both adults and children, and is constantly leading the way to provide the most innovative hearing care and support. Their products are sold to people in more than 100 countries around the world enjoying better hearing with Oticon instruments.

We work with Oticon and other leading hearing aid manufacturers to find a product that’s the right fit for you. Our clinical approach is to understand you and your specific needs, and then source from all world-leading companies the best technology match, that is easy to use and offers the best value solution.

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Oticon Hearing Aids Features

  • Spatial Noise Management: This premium feature uses binaural processing to improve spatial awareness and comfort in asymmetric sound scenes. The spatial noise system can be modified by the Audiologist to suit individual requirements.
  • Binaural Compression: This maintains the inter aural intensity differences to preserve your ability to localise where different sounds are coming from and enhance your ability to separate speech from competing background noise.
  • Spatial Sound: Preserves both the timing and intensity inter aural cues so as to maximise localisation ability.
  • Binaural Synchronisation: The hearing aids wirelessly synchronise their automatically adaptive directional microphone systems so as to focus in unison on where the speech sound is coming from as well as pivot their focus away from the moving and changing competing background noise.
  • Automatic Multi-band Adaptive Directionality: Automatically reduces multiple background noise sources even if they are moving to assist hearing speech in noise.
  • Tristate Noise Management with Voice Finder: This provides the maximum preservation of speech in noisy situations. There are three major modes the hearing aids are typical operating in which are speech in quiet, speech in noise and just noise. The hearing aids analyse the environment to determine which is the best mode to provide maximum comfort as well as speech intelligibility.
  • Free Focus: Designed to mimic the anatomy of the ears natural front focus to improve front to back suppression and segregation for better speech following capability. Uses a very high degree of individualisation of microphone settings.
  • My Voice: Stabilises the level of background noise for a more natural listening experience of ones own voice

Benefits of using Oticon Hearing Aids

  • You Matic: State-of-the-art automatic processing system. Allows the highest degree of personalisation during the fitting to ensure all systems are working together to maximise audibility, speech intelligibility and comfort.
  • Music Program: A dedicated music program can be set up to better preserve the natural sound of music.
  • Dust and Water Resistant: Oticon hearing aids have a IP57 Rating. The hydrophobic coating prevents moisture entering the devices (BTE, RITE, miniRITE and miniBTE).
  • Binaural Coordination: Controls both hearing aids with one touch of the volume control on one side due to their wireless connection.
  • Feedback Shield: New anti-feedback algorithm that optimises audibility, signal quality and listening comfort. Binaurally controlled system balancing phase cancellation, gain management and frequency shifting strategies to provide the most effective effective feedback cancelling system.

Latest Oticon Technologies

Oticon has recently released their most advanced hearing technology yet, the Oticon Opn. Oticon Opn is a new kind of hearing aid. Traditional hearing aids isolate one speaker and suppress all others. The technology in Oticon Opn is so fast that it opens up a full soundscape, allowing you to listen to multiple speakers in noisy environments, focus on what’s important to you and switch attention if you want to.

  • The Polaris Platform : Oticon’s latest sound processing platform, Polaris, delivers an improved version BrainHearing with a more powerful chipset and improved sound processing algorithms. With 16x more capacity to execute advanced algorithms, and an on-board deep neural network (DNN) processor. Based on EEG brain measurements, Oticon claims Polaris delivers 30% more sound to the brain and makes the full sound scene 60% clearer. 
  • Artificial Intelligence : In terms of technology, Oticon has changed the game in 2021 by delivering the first hearing aids that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to try to improve speech understanding.  Oticon’s unique AI approach, dubbed with MoreSound Intelligence, uses an on-board Deep Neural Network (DNN) to process sounds and  create contrast among the sounds that are identified. Oticon claims their unique process makes it easier to focus and easier to follow conversations, and leads to  improved speech understanding.

  • Oticon Tinnitus Solutions : Oticon hearing aids with Tinnitus SoundSupport play a wide range of tinnitus relief sounds, such as white noise and soothing ocean waves to mask the ringing, humming and buzzing of tinnitus sounds in your head. You can discreetly control the sounds in your hearing aids using the Oticon ON App for iPhone and Android. You can also wirelessly stream alternative tinnitus relief options from your phone.

Oticon Styles and Types

  • Oticon has a full range of hearing aids in different Styles and Models.
  • MiniRITE that sits discreetly on the ear with a rechargeable version.
  • MiniRITE-T with a telecoil for a better listening experience.
  • BTE (Behind the Ear) that is powerful and large for easier handling
  • Custom In The Ear hearing aid types – the IIC (Invisible In Canal), the CIC (Completely In Canal), the ITC (In The Canal), the ITE (In the Ear).