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Ear and Hearing Australia operates 12 hearing centers conveniently located across metropolitan Melbourne.

Ear and Hearing Australia


 459 Toorak Rd, Toorak VIC 3142
Monday to Friday  9:00am – 5:30pm

Clinic Details

As part of Ear and Hearing Australia, Toorak Audiologists Hearing Clinic is a locally owned and operated and is a Client-Centred Practice, providing the most professional hearing services. Ear and Hearing Australia is always regarded as a premium hearing services provider and in known for its best level of hearing care in Melbourne since 1998.

Toorak Audiologists are Highly skilled, Australian qualified Hearing specialists, for all your hearing and hearing aids needs. They are Australian Government Hearing Services accredited audiologists to provide subsidised Hearing services to pensioners and veterans. They are members of Audiology Australia with Clinical Certificate of Practice

Being INDEPENDANT, Toorak Audiologists are not affiliated with hearing aid manufacturers and providing unbiased advice for your hearing aid needs.

Clinic Location

The Toorak Hearing Clinic is located in The Toorak Clinic on Malvern Road.


Parking is available off Malvern Rd behind the supermarket.

Public Transport

The clinic is located 650 metres away from Hawksburn Train Station and 900 metres from Toorak Train Station. Bus 220 (33 metres) and Tram 72 / Stop 35 (100 metres) travel along Malvern Road.

More Information

To arrange an appointment at any of our clinics near you or to make an enquiry please contact us at our Head Office or one of our conveniently located clinics.

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