The world’s first completely wireless and smallest hearing aid, the new Oticon wireless IIC (Invisible-In-the-Canal) is now providing people in Australia with hearing loss, an ultra-compact size and improved hearing capabilities for their environment.

The tiny new Oticon wireless IIC (Invisible-In-the-Canal) hearing aid is custom fit and positioned deep in the ear canal, making it virtually invisible. Beyond its tiny size, the custom IIC is a powerhouse of audiology benefits. It delivers excellent sound quality, performance personalised to the way the user likes to hear and reduced listening effort so people can stay active throughout the day.

Moh Dadafarin, Principal Audiologist at Ear and Hearing Australia says; The less sound information your brain receives, the harder it has to work to make sense of it and this is what makes a hearing loss tiring. Rather than only amplifying certain sounds, Oticon hearing aids are designed to preserve as much natural sound detail as possible, thus reducing the energy needed just for hearing, so you can use it for living. With Oticons new wireless Invisible-In-the-Canal instrument, people can now get the perfect combination of aesthetics and performance – personalised to their individual needs and sound preferences.

Oticon’s commitment to the hearing impaired in Australia has combined new Brainhearing™technology with a world first in design and performance, which focuses on supporting the way the brain actually makes sense of the sounds it receives from both ears. Using the latest generation quad-core signal platform, Inium, the left and right hearing instruments communicate wirelessly with each other, continuously and seamlessly, to maximise the brain’s ability to ‘make sense of sound’as a balanced and coordinated sound picture.

With the support of OticonsBrainHearingTM technology, people can now orient themselves within their surroundings, separate speech from background noise, focus on certain sounds and recognise unique or familiar sounds more easily.Mr.Dadafarin continues.

A new small Remote Control, roughly the size of a modern car key, provides discreet control over the hearing instruments. With Oticon’s wireless Bluetooth ConnectLine system, audio can be streamed directly to the hearing instruments – turning them into a personal wireless mini-headset. The wireless connection allows users to talk hands-free on their mobile or home phone, enjoy music, watch TV, and much more.

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