Unitron Discover Next Stride P R 9



Unitron Discover Next Stride P R 9 BTE – Hearing Aids Review

“Discover Next” is the latest sound processing platform in Unitron. This has enabled patients to hear better in noisy places, hear and understand softly spoken people more easily, have a direct binaural connectivity to up to four devices (two Bluetooth devices and two TV Connectors) without any need for an extra accessory.

Stride P R 9 is a premium rechargeable BTE hearing aid from Unitron. Thanks to “Discover Next” platform in conjunction with the Lithium-ion battery, Stride P R 9 is capable of processing speech sounds fast while reliably functioning all day. It can also identify seven various listening environments automatically. This has resulted in an improved comfort for hearing aid users as the need to manually adjust the aids’ programs is diminished. In addition, its wide fitting range makes it suitable for the various degrees of the hearing losses from mild to profound. Stride P R 9 also has IP68 rating meaning that it is resistant enough against dust, dirt, sand, and humidity; however, it is not yet waterproof. Overall, its robust structure in conjunction with its rechargeability have made Stride P R 9 a great choice for people with poor dexterity.

Review by Tara Bish, Clinical Audiologist Melbourne Australia

How to Choose the Best Hearing Aid for You

The best hearing aid for you is the one that not only meets your unique hearing loss requirements but also suits your lifestyle, personal preferences and budget. Whether you want your hearing aids to be invisible or discreet, are looking for instruments that are easy to use or maintain, or those that have the maximum speech clarity, it all comes down to what’s best for YOU and your individual hearing needs. Therefore, deciding which hearing aid is most appropriate for you will be based on a variety of clinical and personal factors.