Oticon OPN 1


Oticon OPN 1 IIC ( Invisible In the Canal ) Hearing aid Review

The Oticon IIC OPN 1 is the smallest hearing device available premium in the Oticon premium OPN 1 range, ideal for users that prefer a super discreet hearing device with exceptional sound quality. This device is most suitable for mild to severe hearing losses.

Like the OPN Behind The Ear range, the Open SoundNavigator feature is incorporated in these hearing aids- providing the user a 360 degree sound experience. This technology scans the sound environment more than 100 times per second, rapidly and precisely attenuating disturbing noise, even between individual words. This feature allows having an enhanced speech understanding experience with less effort and as a result improves when hearing in challenging environments.

In terms of management, consistent with other IIC hearing aids in the market frequent maintenance of these devices is required due to the close proximity of the microphone to the ear canal. In my opinion not the best option for users who have dexterity complaints due to size 10 battery and changing of the filters.

Unfortunately, connectivity with these devices is not possible due to its size and as a result users may need to consider the other discrete styles of the OPN range (e.g.  BTE, miniRite or ITE). Another limitation is that there is no recharge option for these devices.

Personally, I have been very pleased with the feedback from users who decided on the OPN range IIC hearing aids, not only from the cosmetics appeal but most importantly the sound quality these devices are able to provide them.

Review by Dr Moh Dadafarin, Audiologist, Hearing Rehabilitation Specialist, Melbourne, Australia

How to Choose the Best Hearing Aid for You

The best hearing aid for you is the one that not only meets your unique hearing loss requirements but also suits your lifestyle, personal preferences and budget. Whether you want your hearing aids to be invisible or discreet, are looking for instruments that are easy to use or maintain, or those that have the maximum speech clarity, it all comes down to what’s best for YOU and your individual hearing needs. Therefore, deciding which hearing aid is most appropriate for you will be based on a variety of clinical and personal factors.