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Oticon Intent Hearing Aid Review

Intrigued by the promise of AI-powered hearing? Oticon’s latest offering, the Intent miniRITE R, boasts significant advancements in noise reduction, speech clarity, and environmental awareness. But does it live up to the hype? This review dives into the features, potential benefits, and considerations before you judge for yourself.

Oticon Intent features

Key Features

Regain control of your hearing with 4D Sensor Technology

This innovative system analyzes your head and body movements, conversation activity, and surrounding sounds to dynamically adjust speech volume and clarity while enhancing your awareness of your environment and spatial surroundings.

Bluetooth LE Audio Auracast

Be ahead of the curve with the latest Bluetooth for better stability, 2-way streaming, and wider device compatibility.

Ditch Charger Anxiety

The Oticon Intent boasts a smaller, sleeker design and a speedy 2-hour charge for 24 hours of hearing power. Allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted daily hearing

Deep Neural Network (DNN) 2.0

Advanced AI technology refines sound processing, resulting in superior noise suppression (10dB Signal to Noise reduction) and speech clarity.

Music lovers, rejoice

With NEW speakers capable of reproducing a wider range of frequencies (80 to 10,000 kHz). Intent delivers a fuller, richer, and more nuanced soundscape for your music enjoyment.

9 Total Colours – Including 2 Exclusives, Sky Blue and Honey Beige

SuddenSound Stabilizer / Wind & Handling Stabilizer

Intent carries over 2 highly rated features from Oticon Intent. The Sudden Sound Stabiliser and Wind and Handling Stabiliser. Providing users with a clear and comfortable listening experience whether you’re at a party, pub/bar or even on the golf course.

Explore the 4D sensors in Oticon Intent

Acoustic environment

Sensors gather details of the 360º sound scene around the listener as it varies within listening environments and between environments.

Head movement

Sensors monitor if and how the user moves their head to understand the type of communication situation.

Body movement

Physical movement sensors help anticipate the need for increased spatial awareness support.

Conversation activity

Monitoring if there is an active conversation or not informs the system to prioritise speech.

Oticon Intent Technology Performance

Power & Rechargeability: Freedom on the Go (with a caveat)

Oticon Intent Power & Rechargeability

Oticon Intent boasts a convenient and powerful rechargeable system, promising 24 hours of hearing on a single charge. Here’s a breakdown:

● Fast charging: In a pinch, a 1 hour charge gives 8 hours of hearing.
● Full charge: and a full 24 hours charge is completed in just 2-hours.
● USB-C convenience: The detachable USB-C cable allows for easy charging anywhere, using any compatible power source.
● No replaceable batteries: Currently, Oticon Intent only offers rechargeable options. You may want to consider Oticon Intent for a replaceable battery option.
● No Smart Travel Charger yet: While the current charger is convenient, Oticon hasn’t released a dedicated travel charger with integrated battery yet.

The Oticon Companion App

The Oticon Companion app packs even more features. Including volume adjustments, program switching, remote microphone functionality and much more. For more information and ways to download visit the Oticon Companion App.

Oticon Companion App

Auracast Bluetooth LE Audio

Hearing aid Bluetooth has been unstable and choppy for many years. Either compromising on battery life with bluetooth classic or connectivity issues with Bluetooth LE. Oticon have integrated Bluetooth LE Audio Auracast for better stability (long awaited), 2 way streaming on iPhone and Android and tap controls. Most devices do not natively support Auracast yet but there is a potential to directly connect with new TVs, laptops, iPads, PA systems and much much more.

Onboard Controls

Leveraging Bluetooth LE Audio and an accelerometer, Oticon introduces Tap Control for convenient call answering and ending. Additionally, with the size reduction, they have reduced the button from 2 to 1 still enabling onboard program and volume control.


Frustrated with muffled conversations and missing out on life’s rich sounds? Oticon Intent might be the answer. This hearing aid boasts AI-powered clarity, personalized noise reduction, and even adapts to your listening habits. Imagine enjoying vibrant music or effortlessly following conversations amidst background noise. Plus, the sleek design and convenient charging make it a discreet and powerful companion.

Considering a hearing aid? Consult our independent experts at Ear and Hearing Australia. Our audiologists can assess your needs and explore all options, including Oticon Intent, to find the perfect fit for you. Reconnect with the world of sound – reach out for a personalised consultation today.

Mark Truong, Clinical Audiologist Melbourne Australia

How to Choose the Best Hearing Aid for You

The best hearing aid for you is the one that not only meets your unique hearing loss requirements but also suits your lifestyle, personal preferences and budget. Whether you want your hearing aids to be invisible or discreet, are looking for instruments that are easy to use or maintain, or those that have the maximum speech clarity, it all comes down to what’s best for YOU and your individual hearing needs. Therefore, deciding which hearing aid is most appropriate for you will be based on a variety of clinical and personal factors.