GN Resound Omnia BTE

GN Resound Omnia BTE – Hearing Aid Review

ReSound Omnia is the newest hearing aid from GN ReSound. It is designed to improve speech understanding in noisy environments, such as restaurants, parties, or stadiums. It uses a four-microphone beamformer technology that can focus on the speaker in front of you and reduce the background noise around you. It also has a unique BTE receiver that is placed inside your ear canal and captures the natural sound of your surroundings. ReSound claims that Omnia can provide a significant improvement in speech intelligibility in noise compared to previous models.

Rechargeable and Bluetooth-Compatible

ReSound Omnia is also a rechargeable and Bluetooth-compatible hearing aid that can stream audio and phone calls from your smartphone or tablet. You can also use the ReSound Smart 3D app to control your hearing aid settings, switch between programs, find your hearing aids, and access remote care options. The app also has a Check My Fit feature that helps you insert your hearing aids correctly for optimal performance. The hearing aid battery can last for 24 hours on a full charge, which takes about three hours.


Key Features

ReSound Omnia is available in three technology levels: level 9, level 7, and level 5. The higher the level, the more features and customization options you get. ReSound Omnia is suitable for people with mild to profound hearing loss and can be fitted with custom ear molds for better comfort and fit.

ReSound Omnia is a modern and innovative hearing aid that offers a great solution for people who struggle to hear in noisy situations. It has a sleek design, a long battery life, and a user-friendly app. It also delivers natural and clear sound quality with its advanced microphone and receiver technology. If you are looking for a hearing aid that can help you hear better in noise without feeling isolated, ReSound Omnia might be a good option for you.


Pros and Cons of ReSound Omnia

Here are some pros and cons of ReSound Omnia based on web search results:


  • Enhanced speech recognition in noisy situations with advanced four-microphone beamformer technology
  • Natural sound perception with BTE receiver that incorporates a third microphone inside the ear canal
  • Rechargeable and Bluetooth-compatible hearing aid that enables audio and phone call streaming from various devices
  • User-friendly app that facilitates remote control, customization, and remote care options
  • Sleek design, long battery life, and high water/dust/dirt protection


  • May not support hands-free calling for some Android devices
  • May necessitate custom ear molds for severe to profound hearing loss
  • May lack sufficient feedback cancellation for some users.


ReSound Omnia Wireless Accessories

ReSound omnia is compatible with a range of wireless accessories that can enhance your hearing experience and help you connect to other devices. Some of the accessories are:

  • ReSound TV Streamer 2: This device allows you to stream stereo sound from your TV, computer, or music system directly to your hearing aids. You can adjust the volume and balance of the sound using the ReSound Smart 3D app or a remote control.
  • ReSound Remote Control 2: This device gives you discreet and easy control over your hearing aid settings. You can change programs, volume, mute your hearing aids, and see all settings on the backlit display.
  • ReSound Micro Mic and Multi Mic: These devices are wireless microphones that can help you hear speech more clearly in noisy or distant situations. You can clip them on the speaker’s clothing, place them on a table, or use them as a telecoil loop or FM receiver.
  • ReSound Phone Clip+: This device allows you to stream phone calls and music from your Bluetooth-enabled phone to your hearing aids. You can also use it as a remote control for your hearing aids.


These accessories are usually at an additional cost to the hearing aids. You can find out more about them by asking your hearing care professional for details.


How to Choose the Best Hearing Aid for You

The best hearing aid for you is the one that not only meets your unique hearing loss requirements but also suits your lifestyle, personal preferences and budget. Whether you want your hearing aids to be invisible or discreet, are looking for instruments that are easy to use or maintain, or those that have the maximum speech clarity, it all comes down to what’s best for YOU and your individual hearing needs. Therefore, deciding which hearing aid is most appropriate for you will be based on a variety of clinical and personal factors.