Unitron Moxi Jump R9

Unitron Moxi Jump R9

Unitron Moxi Jump R9

Unitron Moxi Jump R

Unitron Moxi Jump R9 Hearing Aid review

Unitron has recently released their version of the “Made For Any Phone” hearing aid, Moxi Jump R9 and Moxi Fit which are part of their new line of devices that can connect to any Bluetooth device using the SWORD 3.0 chip that allows for Bluetooth connection to Apple & Android devices.

This will be a review of Moxi Jump R9 as it is Unitron’s latest rechargeable device.

Unitron hearing devices have an automatic program classifier, SoundNav 3.0. , that can automatically change between different program settings depending on the environment you are in If you are in a quiet environment, the hearing aids know this and will put you into the correct program settings. If you transition into a noisy environment, the hearing aids will know this as well, and put you into ideal program settings for those environments. Basically, the Unitron Moxi Jump R does everything for you so you don’t have to worry about it.

The new Moxi Jump R hearing aids use a lithium battery. Lithium has proven to be the most reliable form of rechargeable battery technology. The devices also automatically turn on when you remove them from the charger and off when you place them inside the charger, so you don’t have to fuss with the push button for turning the hearing aids on and off.

Unitron hearing aids have a very unique feature, FLEX: UPGRADE, that allows their hearing aids to be upgraded from a lower level of technology to a higher level of technology without having to buy new hearing aids or exchanging your current hearing aid hardware. This means you can start with a lower level of technology and upgrade down the road if you need a higher level of hearing aid performance in more complex listening situations. All you have to do is have your audiologist upgrade your hearing aids to whatever technology level is best for you and you just pay the difference for the upgrade.

There are a few things that I don’t particularly like about Moxi Jump R hearing aids. The first one is the limited battery life. At only 16 hours, some hearing aid users may not get a full day’s worth of use out of a single charge. Especially if you require a lot of amplification using a power receiver, and if you stream a lot of audio and phone calls which create more battery drain.

The second thing is the thickness of them. Rechargeable hearing aids are naturally larger than most disposable models, but the Moxi Jump R is pretty thick. If you wear glasses, expect them to push your ears off to the side.

Cons aside, the Unitron Moxi Jump R would be a great option for your next set of hearing aids due to their unique FLEX:UPGRADE feature.

By Hami Resalat, Senior Audiologist, Melbourne, Australia.

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