The Dry & Store Global and Global II models uses a 4-watt germicidal ultraviolet lamp

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Germicidal action
The Global’s warm, controlled temperature and its advanced Dry-Brik® desiccant create an ideal dry environment for destruction of micro-organisms.

The air that passes around the germicidal lamp is also sanitized, ensuring the cleanest operating environment possible.

The UV lamp does not provide heat. Heat is provided by the electronic circuitry. The lamp serves only to kill germs, and it is only on for the first 3 minutes in the Global models.

The Zephyr model does not include the sanitizing UV lamp.

Please read before you order a new Germicidal Lamp …
Your UV lamp should last several years before needing replacement. Remember, the lamp comes on for only the first 3 minutes of the 8 hour conditioning cycle.

Connect your Global to the power. Close the lid and gently press the “ON” button. A blue light will be visible on the top of the unit, indicating that the sanitizing cycle has begun. The blue light will turn off within 3 minutes when the sanitizing cycle has finished. A green glow, visible behind the “ON” button, will be present for the entire drying cycle.

If the blue and green light are not working it means that something other than the lamp is not working. This may indicate a problem with the power supply -make sure the AC adapter is pluged in properly.

If you see a green light but no blue light, please check to make sure the UV lamp is positioned correctly. Try gently removing and re-inserting it – make sure you unplug the AC adapter while doing this. It twists into place just like a standard fluorescent bulb.

If you don’t see any lights, please contact us and provide the serial number of your Global unit.
While you are waiting for your new lamp to arrive, you can still use your Global without the lamp. You’ll have the benefit of removing moisture without the sanitizing benefit.

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