Unitron Moxi Tempus Pro RIC

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    The extremely high performance of Tempus, Unitron’s latest hearing aid platform, conquers the most challenging of listening environments – conversations in noise and crowded places. The Tempus range of Unitron hearing aids are 50% more accurate and 36% faster compared to the Unitron North platform in recognising and locating speech.

    The Unitron Moxi Tempus Pro features Unitron’s premium technology packaged inside the smallest RIC casing on the market. Featuring the Unitron’s most advanced automatic program and SpeechZone2, the Tempus Moxi Pro performs well in the presence of background noise.

    Key Features:

    • AUTOMATIC FEATURES-  Selects from seven listening environments, and automatically adjusts the hearing aid features (noise-reduction, speech-enhancement, and microphone strategy) to select the best settings for that situation.
    • BINAURAL APPROACH TO HEARING IN NOISE- Both hearing aids work together and adjust the directional microphones to improve the ability to hear speech.
    • PHONE PROGRAM- Aids understanding on the phone by streaming the conversation to both ears.
    • TINNITUS RELIEF- Emits a soft noise that is designed to distract attention away from an individual’s tinnitus.
    • NOISE REDUCTION- Reduces background noise to improve listening comfort.



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