Unitron Moxi Tempus Fit R-Pro

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    Unitron Moxi Tempus Fit R is the smallest rechargeable hearing aid in the world, packed with power and a great battery life so you never miss another conversation. Moxi uses the latest Silver-Zinc rechargeable batteries which are:

    • Convenient – provides 24 hours of use with 90 minutes of wireless streaming on an overnight charge.
    • Flexible – Moxi uses both rechargeable and traditional zinc-air batteries as a back-up when needed.
    • Easy to use – Moxi Fit style features a telecoil and push button for ultimate control.
    • Eco-friendly – replaces up to 100 regular batteries, is non-toxic and fully recyclable.

    The extremely high performance of Tempus, Unitron’s latest hearing aid platform, conquers the most challenging of listening environments – conversations in noise and crowds. The Tempus range of Unitron hearing aids are 50% more accurate and 36% faster compared to the Unitron North platform in recognising and locating speech.



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