Unitron Insera 700 Custom

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    Unitron Insera hearing aids boast a unique combination of design and sound innovation. These custom hearing aids are so small that no-one will even know you are wearing them; however, do not let the size fool you about what’s inside. The Insera hearing aids feature the speed and accuracy improvements of the Tempus platform, complete with the custom processing of Unitron’s EarMatch process. Like other custom designed hearing aids, the Unitron Insera is manufactured specifically to the shape and size of your ear canal; however, Unitron does not stop with form customizatoin.  The EarMatch process is a unique customization specific to the internal processing of your hearing aids.  The three step process of characterization, recognition, and customization takes into account the shapes and angles of your internal ear to ensure that the sound processing is optimized for your canal.

    Experience realistic listening: Not only do conversations get easier with Insera, everything sounds just the way it should. Whether it’s the birds chirping, a voice across the room or music on the radio, you’ll know exactly where sounds are coming from and pick up on the emotional undertones that go with them. And that makes listening easier and more enjoyable.

    Unitron Insera hearing aids are driven by the award-winning Tempus platform, which delivers four SoundCore features:

    • SoundNav – automatic program identifies and classifies sounds across environments, with a focus on conversations.
    • SpeechPro – provides optimal speech understanding and localisation, even in the most challenging environments.
    • Sound Conductor – dynamically balances features to provide speech understanding, comfort and natural sound.
    • Spatial Awareness – makes it easier to localize sound providing a more natural, realistic listening experience.




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