Unitron DX Moxi Fit 5

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    Hear now with great technology in a small and affordable device.

    Moxi Fit is one of our smallest receiver-in-canal hearing aid, a barely-there design that’s super comfortable and flexible. Moxi styles deliver all of this with ultimate ease and convenience to suit your lifestyle.

    • It’s a two way street: Use the Remote Plus app to share feedback on how your Moxi hearing aids are performing while you’re out and about. This will help us quickly resolve any issues and further personalise your hearing solution.
    • Connect to your favourite tech – All phones. Both ears. Incredible sound: Yes, it’s true, your hearing aids are made for all phones. Enjoy easy, direct connections with the people you care about, with hands-free phone calls, video calls and media streaming to both ears.
    • Enhance your entertainment experience : With the TV Connector, you can easily watch your favourite shows and movies in high-quality stereo sound by wirelessly connecting your hearing aids to your TV, laptop, tablet, stereo and other digital devices. This means the volume is comfortable for you, and everyone else watching too.

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