Starkey Livio 1200 RIC R

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    Delivering superior sound clarity
    Enjoy superior sound clarity, comfort and universal connectivity with Starkey Livio. Starkey’s advanced technology, Hearing Reality, helps you hear in the most challenging environments. With Livio, powered by the Thrive platform, you get the industry’s smartest solution in Starkey’s best sounding, best performing device ever.

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning drive Starkey’s Thrive platform to analyse and adapt to multiple environments and inputs simultaneously to provide you with an effortless listening experience. Not only is the system capable of environment detection for seven varied sound classes (speech, speech in noise, music, machine noise, wind, noise and quiet), it can also detect the level of competing noise in any environment with speech.

    The convenience of adjustments on the go
    Easily make adjustments to your hearing aids anytime, anywhere with the Starkey Thrive app.
    Livio intuitively connects to your Apple and Android devices via Bluetooth technology and Starkey’s easy-to-use Thrive Hearing app. Thrive offers additional features designed to enhance your listening experience anywhere you go.

    • Sound Quality – Enjoy superior sound quality, listening clarity and more natural hearing.
    • Speech Enhancement – Technology that enhances and optimises speech.
    • Noise Control – The ability to reduce background noise.
    • Personalised Control – Make adjustments to suit your preference.
    • Personalised Memories – Create geotagged memories for frequently visited locations.



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