Starkey Halo iQ i1200 RIC

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To find if this is the best hearing aids for your needs/requirements, you should consult one of our Audiologists who can assess your hearing difficulties, needs and requirements.


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Halo iQ is Starkey’s most advanced hearing technology with supreme sound quality and premium features, is customisable to fit your unique hearing needs and keep you connected to the people and things you love most.

  • Provide natural hearing and effortless transitions as you go about your day.
  • Deliver pristine audio and exceptional listening clarity.
  • Preserve peace and quiet while amplifying the important things.
  • Help you better understand conversations and hear comfortably.
  • Stream phone calls, music and messages directly from your iPhone to your hearing aids.

Made for Music Lovers
Tastes in music may be unique, but the power of music is universally understood.
Thanks to the processing power in Halo iQ hearing aids, you can enjoy your favorite music in a whole new way with features that:

  • Focus on music audibility, desired loudness and sound quality
  • Make soft music sounds audible
  • Allow on-demand and automatic control
    The result is listening enjoyment for the way you want to hear music — automatically and in your control.




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