Signia Styletto 3X Rechargeable

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    The iconic design of the Styletto 3X introduces a new era of wearability that perfectly matches your lifestyle. The new sophisticated design of the hearwear transforms the outdated image of hearing aids. Looks as good as it sounds!

    The revolutionary Xperience chip along with the Styletto 3X’s unique acoustic motion sensors gives you the clearest sound and comprehension to match your hearing needs Comes with pocket sized portable charging case which gives an incredible 3 days of battery without the need to charge the case. These are the worlds first hearing aid technology with Qi technology, allowing you to just use a charging pad instead of having to plug it into the main plug-points


    • Style: Receiver-in-Canal (RIC)
    • Battery Size: Rechargeable
    • Rechargeable Battery: Lithium-ion
    • Bluetooth / Wireless: Yes
    • Direct Sound Streaming: Yes
    • Product Warranty: 4-years
    • Loss/Damage Warranty: 12-months^
    • Smartphone App: iPhone, Android
    • Options: Cosmic Blue / Rose Gold, Black / Silver, Snow White / Rose Gold, White, Black


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