Signia Pure 7X

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With the Signia Pure 7X’s, You are in control. First hearing aids built on seminal Signia Xperience technology, allowing your hearing aids to analyse your personal hearing environment at all times to deliver the sound precisely tailored for you. The hearing aids use new powerful acoustic motion sensors resulting in a crystal clear natural sound with a a superb sense of direction so that you have the most realistic and satisfying hearing experience.

The Signia X hearing aids come in a modern yet sophisticated lifestyle design with top bluetooth connectivity, Signia X allows you to directly stream your favourite TV show, video or music from your chosen devices straight to your ear. Signia’s YourSound technology uses its in depth understanding about your individual hearing environment resulting in the most natural sounding experience in real time and while streaming.

Dynamic Sound processing – delivers natural sound and speech in every situation even when you’re moving
Own Voice processing – optimises your natural-sounding voice


  • Style: Receiver-in-Canal (RIC)
  • Battery size: 312
  • Rechargeable battery: No
  • Bluetooth / Wireless: Yes
  • Warranty: 4-year manufacturer warranty
  • Loss/Damage: 1-year manufacturer warranty ^
  • Direct Sound Streaming: iPhone
  • Smartphone App: iPhone, Android
  • Options: Available in 8 colours


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