Signia Charge & Go Nx CROS

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    To find if this is the best hearing aids for your needs/requirements, you should consult one of our Audiologists who can assess your hearing difficulties, needs and requirements.






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    Most discreet ready-to-wear hearing solution for people with unavoidable hearing loss in one ear. The Charge & Go Nx CROS is a real high-tech marvel, providing the most natural and high quality crisp sound experience for every situation.

    Signia Charge & Go Nx CROS is NOT a hearing aid. It receives sound on one side and then transmits it to a hearing aid worn on the other ear. The Charge & go Nx CROS can be automatically charged to its full battery capacity while you are asleep. The Charge & Go Nx CROS turns on automatically when taken out of charging case and then turns off automatically when placed back in the charging case for an efficient charge. The long lasting battery life will keep your device charged throughout your activity packed day.


    • Top bluetooth connectivity for all kinds of streaming
    • Full Charge: 3-4 hours


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