Sennheiser Wireless – RS195 Digital TV Listening System – Over Ear design

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In the RS 180, Sennheiser delivers an excellent sound reproduction. Using an open, circumaural design, the headphones can breathe from both sides of the ear cups, offering you an excellent sound image.

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This wireless headphone system utilises Kleer’s uncompressed digital wireless audio transmission for better detail and can serve up to four pairs of headphones. In addition, it gives you the freedom to travel up to 100m (line of sight) from your sound source.

The RS 180 is also equipped with balance and automatic level controls. The former provides for right/left volume adjustment while the latter for improved speech intelligibility as well as to ensure that the headphones always reproduce at optimum audio levels. Like the RS 170, the transmitter for the RS 180 is multi-functional – doubling as an ‘easy-charge’ cradle and docking station.

All in all, the RS 180 offers a superb sound and an effective wireless range, making it your ideal listening choice without a cable!

  • Open, circum-aural digital wireless headphones with Kleer’s uncompressed audio transmission
  • Dynamic transducer systems with powerful neodymium magnets for clear and detailed audio reproduction
  • Multi-purpose transmitter – Also functions as ‘easy-charge’ cradle and docking station
  • Multi-receiver transmission – Up to 4 people listening to the same source
  • Automatic level control for optimum audio levels
  • Balance control for right/left volume adjustment
  • Ergonomic and adjustable headband for an excellent and secure fit
  • Extremely comfortable velour earpads and headband cushions
  • No set-up required – Just plug and play!
  • 2 year warranty

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