ReSound ENZO Q 7 Super Power aid

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    With a severe-to-profound hearing loss, confidence starts with a hearing experience that enables you to hear and enjoy sounds all around, clearly, comfortably, reliably and hassle-free, in all environments. ReSound ENZO Q is the newest Premium-Plus power hearing aid which goes beyond powerful and provides a complete hearing solution.

    • Crystal clear, comfortable, high-quality sound in any environment- High-quality sound from any direction, all the needed gain with no feedback, and seamless connectivity and streaming to virtually any audio source, are all part of the ReSound ENZO Q package. Combined with remote fine-tuning via ReSound Assist, the result is a more powerful and personalised hearing experience.
    • Unrivaled connectivity and direct streaming — From iOS and Android devices, wireless accessories, and telecoil.
    • Fully personalisable to every listening situation — With the ReSound Smart 3D app to adjust sound preferences and select features.
    • Perfectly complements Cochlear implants — The Smart Hearing Alliance, a unique collaboration between Cochlear and ReSound, makes it easy to provide a bimodal solution.





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