Oticon Siya 1 miniRITE Hearing Aid

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    To find if this is the best hearing aids for your needs/requirements, you should consult one of our Audiologists who can assess your hearing difficulties, needs and requirements.

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    Seize the day with Oticon Siya -Oticon Siya hearing aids help you hear better by amplifying the rich details of sounds, so you can focus in on every precious moment. What if you could get excellent sound quality, outstanding wireless connectivity, and a comprehensive choice of styles and accessories? With Oticon Siya, you can.

    Siya is built on the ultra-fast Velox™ platform, powering advanced technologies such as 2.4 GHz, Bluetooth low energy connectivity, high-resolution sound processing, and super-fast multiband adaptive directionality. This powerful-yet-simple hearing aid is for everyone who wants to make the most of every moment.

    Oticon Siya processes sound 50 times faster than ever before in the essential category, delivering exceptional sound processing that brings directionality-based technologies up to entirely new levels of performance. Oticon hearing aids feature BrainHearing technology, which helps your brain understand sounds more easily.

    Oticon Siya gives you:

    ✓ Superb sound quality

    ✓ Easy wireless connectivity to devices*

    ✓ Many styles and accessories to choose from:

    IIC – invisible in the ear
    ITC – Discreet with Bluetooth low energy connectivity as an option
    CIC – Very discreet with an optional control button
    BTE – Suitable for moderate-to-severe hearing loss
    BTE PP – For severe-to-profound miniRITE hearing loss
    miniRITE- Small, discreet design with a single push-button
    miniRITE T – Features a telecoil to receive audio from public teleloop systems
    Rechargeable miniRITE – Turn any Oticon Siya miniRITE into a rechargeable hearing aid by changing the battery drawer. You can then simply charge the hearing aids at night and wake up to full power for the day – and still use disposable batteries if needed.

    *Wireless connectivity is not available in all styles.

    Oticon Siya Family Features

    Key features: Oticon Siya has a powerful chip inside that processes sound 50 times faster than our previous generation of hearing aids. This enables it to deliver excellent sound quality that helps improve your speech understanding.

    → Superb sound quality – Oticon Siya gives high-resolution sound, so it can capture the rich, natural details and reproduce the nuances in a comfortable way. The hearing devices help you focus in on the sounds in front of you, by shutting out other sounds when a situation becomes very noisy. It adapts extremely quickly, making it easier for you to follow conversations in noisy environments, like a family dinner.

    → Effective noise reduction – Speech is much easier to understand without noise. That’s why Oticon Siya has a noise management system which reduces noise extremely fast. A choice of models and features

    • 5 colors to match your hair or skin

    • Invisible models

    • Rechargeable battery option

    • Tinnitus relief sounds

    → Connect seamlessly*- Oticon Siya uses 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® low energy technology, which gives you cutting-edge wireless connectivity: higher quality streaming of sound, stereo music, and low battery consumption. With Oticon Siya, you can easily connect to a wide range of devices:

    • In your home: stream sound wirelessly into your hearing aids from your TV, landline telephone, music player, tablet, computer, or radio

    • On the go: sync with your mobile devices, turn your hearing aids into wireless headphones, and control your hearing aids with the Oticon ON App

    • Use a remote control or the Oticon ON App to discreetly adjust volume or change programs

    • The Oticon ON App gives access to the Internet of Things and HearingFitness™ technology – which measures your hearing aid use and provides insights you can use to optimize your hearing health

    Hearing AidOticon Siya 1Oticon Siya 2
    Technology LevelPremiumAdvanced
    StyleminiRITE miniRITE-T BTE Plus Power Invisible-In-the-Canal Completely-In-the-Canal In-The-Canal ITE Half Shell ITE Full ShellminiRITE miniRITE-T BTE Plus Power Invisible-In-the-Canal Completely-In-the-Canal In-The-Canal ITE Half Shell ITE Full Shell
    Warranty3-year manufacturer’s warranty3-year manufacturer’s warranty
    Loss/Damage:12-months warranty12-months warranty
    Smartphone App iPhone, Android iPhone, Android
    Speech Understanding
    Multiband Adaptive Directionality LX
    Single Compression LX
    Noise Reduction LX
    Speech Rescue™ LX
    Sound Quality
    Fitting Bandwidth8 kHz8 kHz
    Frequency Channels4848
    Listening Comfort
    Transient Noise ManagementOn/Off
    Feedback shield LX
    Wind Noise Management
    Tinnitus SoundSupport™ ●
    Wireless streaming (2.4 GHz)*
    Full wireless device compatibility*
    Oticon ON App*
    Compatible Accessories
    Rechargeable miniRITE option

    *Wireless connectivity is not available in all styles.

    Please note – Price may vary depending on the style and type of Hearing Aid.

    Oticon Siya miniRITE

    • Oticon Siya miniRITE is Made for iPhone® 
    • Digital hearing aids. Connect to your TV, computer, smartphone and more via Bluetooth®
    • Volume & program button
    • Rechargeable
    • Tinnitus SoundSupport™
    • Water and dust resistant
    • Battery size 312
    • For mild to severe hearing loss

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