Oticon Bundle – Streamer Pro TV Adapter 2.0 Phone Adapter 2.0

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    ConnectLine Phone breaks down barriers to phone communication. Oticon ConnectLine Phone Adapter 2.0 works with existing landline (analog/PSTN) phones, turning the hearing instruments into a wireless headset for improved phone conversation.

    How it works

    The Phone Adapter is installed in parallel to the existing landline phone(s), acting as an interface between the landline phone and Streamer Pro with a wireless range of up to 30 meters. Phone Adapter works seamlessly and simultaneously with other ConnectLine solutions such as the TV adapter and ConnectLine microphone. For example, if the phone rings while watching TV with ConnectLine, the phone call can be answered or rejected with the touch of a button on Streamer Pro. When the call is completed, ConnectLine will resume TV listening.

    ConnectLine TV Adapter 2.0 is for a better TV viewing experiences. With the ConnectLine TV solution, TV sound is wirelessly transmitted to the hearing instruments through Streamer Pro. This means the instrument user has a private volume control, and viewing companions can keep the TV at a level which suits them.

    How it works

    ConnectLine TV Adapter 2.0 connects to analog or digital (digital stereo (PCM)/Dolby Digital via TOSLINK) TV outputs on the TV and provides a wireless transmission range to Streamer Pro of up to 30 meters. To listen to TV, all the user has to do is push the TV button on Streamer Pro. As part of the ConnectLine system, other ConnectLine solutions are automatically prioritized. For example, an incoming phone call can be answered with a touch of the phone button while watching TV and ConnectLine will switch over to the phone call. When the call is ended, TV sound will resume automatically

    Streamer Pro offers both wireless and cable connections to a variety of music player and other audio sources Music and audio are then streamed directly into the hearing instruments.

    Using Streamer Pro’s standard 3.5mm mini jack cable connection and included cable, practically any audio source can be transmitted to the hearing instruments via Streamer Pro. For wireless connections, Streamer Pro connects directly with most Bluetooth compatible audio devices.

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