Bernafon Zerena 7 miniRITE

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    Zerena hearing aids help you experience boundless possibilities. They offer seamless performance, smart control options, and a wide range of appealing designs. The instruments stay in sync with the environment to optimize speech sounds no matter where you are and what you are doing. They precisely reduce noise without adversely affecting speech understanding, making engaging in conversations much easier.

    • Enjoy spending time outside with friends and follow conversations more easily or enjoy music and make phone calls directly streamed to your hearing aids.
    • Zerena offers maximum listening comfort with natural sound, even in noisy places.
    • It communicates with a wide range of Bluetooth devices, such as your smartphone.
    • Adaptive Feedback Canceller for eliminating annoying whistling tones before they become audible.
    • Choose from up to nine different color combinations to suit your individual preferences.




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