IN THE NEWS: September 13th, 2018 The Age News Editorial

by Oct 23, 2018News

Dr Moh Dadafarin, discusses how hearing aids can noticeably improve quality of life and boost confidence in a recent article in The Age newspaper.

Aids that adapt to the world around you

Article Excerpt:

… “Hearing aids are not big and bulky any more. In most cases, people can have a discreet hearing aid or sometimes even an ‘invisible’ hearing aid,” he says.

… “One person in particular said he didn’t want to tell his partner that he was wearing a hearing aid,” Dr Dadafarin says. “So, even a partner won’t notice it. If you get close, you don’t see it. That’s what I mean by invisible.”

Hearing aid technology has also significantly improved… “With the advances in technology, the hearing aids can overcome your hearing difficulties in every situation, including noisy environments.”

Sophisticated technology can self-adjust volume, compression, noise management and directionality depending on the person’s environment… There has also been a rise in the use of Bluetooth technology in hearing aids.

“Hearing aids are not just hearing aids any more. They’re technology devices that people use to communicate with their phone or their music devices wirelessly,” Dr Dadafarin says.

“You can connect your hearing aids to your iPhone, iPad or computer. You can FaceTime, watch movies and listen to your messages. Everything is wireless in your ears. It’s like using headphones. Hearing aids have come of age.”