IN THE NEWS: June 29th, 2017 The Age Editorial

by Jun 29, 2017News

Our Principal Audiologist, Dr Moh Dadafarin, discusses how hearing aids can help people reconnect with the world in a recent article in The Age newspaper.

Good news, for those who want to hear it

Article Excerpt:

… One in six Australians suffers from hearing loss. However, it’s likely just one in four who could benefit from using a hearing aid actually uses one. For the millions who struggle to communicate with others because of hearing loss, aids can significantly enhance everyday life.

“You need to take action and talk to an audiologist if you suspect you might have hearing loss,” says Moh Dadafarin… the director and principal audiologist for Melbourne’s Ear & Hearing Australia, (who) sees how hearing aids benefit his patients’ working life, relationships and overall quality of life.

“When people are fitted with appropriate hearing aids… (they) can have normal conversations with their friends, partners and grandchildren. They can enjoy their lives.”

Hearing aids have come of age and are smaller, more discreet-looking and have increasingly sophisticated features.

“Most premium and advanced hearing aids these days are capable of dynamically adjusting to different situations to focus on speech and more closely replicate natural human hearing,” says Dr Dadafarin.

“With some options, people don’t even know that you’re wearing a hearing aid. The Lyric device is like a contact lens for your ear.”