IN THE NEWS: July 8th 2016, CBD News Editorial

by Jul 8, 2016News

In a recent article in the CBD News, Dr Moh Dadafarin chats about the customer service focus that makes Ear & Hearing Australia clinics unique in the hearing care industry.

What did you say? Can you repeat that?

Article Excerpt:

… For Moh and his team, it’s all about going over and above so that first-time visitors become life-long customers who are happy to refer their friends and family.

“We are known as a premium hearing service provider in Melbourne. Focusing on clients and their hearing needs, our audiologists provide high level of care and employ holistic approach for optimal treatment outcomes.”

He added: “We look at the whole person. We don’t just look at people’s ears or their test results. Instead, we look at their hearing difficulties, their hearing and social needs and look at their lifestyle before we recommend any treatments.

Hearing aids, as the most common option for treating hearing loss, have been shown to improve people’s quality of life, provide better self esteem, and improve mental health.

“And hearing aids have changed dramatically. People can now have invisible hearing aids that work like contact lenses,” Dr Dadafarin said.

Ear and Hearing Australia is one of the few practices accredited to fit the new Lyric brand ‘invisible’ hearing aids.

“A revolutionary 100 per cent invisible device that can be worn 24/7 for months at a time, with no battery to change and with no need for daily insertion and removal.”

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