Hearing Aids can be classified into 3 groups:

Daily Wear In-The-Ear

Daily Wear Behind-The-Ear

Extended Wear

Daily Wear ITE

In-The-Ear styles

Invisible In the Canal (IIC)

Being the tiniest custom made devices, they offer high cosmetic appeal as they are nearly invisible when worn. IIC styles fit very deeply in the ear canal, allowing the wearer to benefit from the pinna’s natural localization and resonance characteristics. They are typically fit for mild or moderate hearing losses.

Completely In the Canal (CIC)

These represent the smallest style in the custom-fit range. As CICs fit deep inside the ear canal, they are almost invisible and therefore, cosmetically appealing to the wearer. This style accommodates people with mild to moderate hearing loss. CIC solutions are suitable for people with ear canals large enough to accommodate the insertion of the device deep into the ear.

In The Ear (ITE)

This type fills the outer ear. They are the most visible of the custom made range but can cover a wide range of hearing losses up to severe. Due to their size, they are much easier to handle than smaller custom aids and allow for optional manual features such as volume control, program button, or telephone switch. These aids have bigger batteries which provide longer battery life.


In The Canal (ITC)

These fit into the ear canal. They are only slightly larger than the CIC models but smaller than ITE options. Due to a slightly bigger battery, battery life is longer lasting compared to CIC hearing devices. The ITC style is only suitable for mild to moderately severe hearing loss due to its size.


Daily Wear BTE

Behind-The-Ear styles

Slim tube Mini BTE

Behind the Ear: Designed to hide behind the outer ear, the mini BTE has a discreet, ultra-thin tube which directs sound into the ear. It’s held in place by an equally discreet dome-shaped soft tip inside the ear canal.

BTE with ear-mould

BTE hearing solutions fit behind-the-ear and are attached to a soft custom ear-mould. With BTE models, the electronics are housed in a case that fits behind the ear. Sound is directed from the device, through the tubing, and through the ear-mould to the ear. Ear moulds are custom made to fit the contours behind the ear.

Receiver In The Ear (RITE)

Commonly known as RITE, RIC (receiver-in-canal) or CRT(Canal Receiver Technology), this style looks like the slim tube mini BTEs but contains a speaker inside the ear tip rather than the main body of the instrument. This provides a smoother amplification and improves the sound quality significantly. They come with many more features, control options and battery power than the custom-fit models. The earmold is matched to suit the wearer’s hair colour, skin tone or personal style.

Extended Wear Lyric

Invisible Lyric Hearing

Lyric Invisible Hearing Aid

Lyric can easily be worn while exercising, showering, talking on the phone and using headphones. Unlike others, Lyric is purchased on a subscription basis and does not require users to replace or buy batteries, pay for repairs, maintenance or technology upgrades. We are proud to be one of the few qualified Premier Elite Providers of Lyric in Australia.