Simplify Your Audiology Claims with HICAPS at Ear and Hearing Australia

At Ear and Hearing Australia, we are dedicated to making your audiology care journey as convenient as possible. We are pleased to introduce HICAPS (Health Industry Claims and Payments Services), a real-time, electronic claiming service that provides immediate processing for individuals with Extras private health cover. Our accredited Audiologists are here to provide exceptional audiology services, including hearing tests and hearing aids, with the added convenience of on-the-spot claiming for eligible individuals.

Key Benefits of HICAPS

Immediate Claiming

Process your claim on the spot, reducing the waiting time for reimbursement.

Minimized Paperwork

Process your claim on the spot, reducing the waiting time for reimbursement.

Broad Health Fund Participation

Compatible with numerous participating health funds.

HICAPS Participating Health Funds for Audiology

Australian Unity
CBHS health
Doctors Health Fund
Frank Health Insurance
health care insurance
TUH Health Fund
union health
westfund health insurance
AIA Health Insurance
Police Health

Eligibility for HICAPS

HICAPS is available for individuals who have Extras private health cover. The coverage for audiology services may vary based on your health fund and the level of your Extras cover. It’s essential to understand that HICAPS may provide partial reimbursement for the services rendered, depending on your health insurance policy.

Participating Health Funds

We facilitate instant claiming with a variety of participating health funds. To verify if your health fund is among the participating ones, kindly contact our customer care at Ear and Hearing Australia on 1300 761 667.

Approved Item Numbers for Audiology Services


Item NumberFull DescriptionAbbreviated Description
901Left Ear Hearing Aid DeviceL/H HEARING AID
902Right Ear Hearing Aid DeviceR/H HEARING AID
903Repair of Hearing Aid DeviceREPAIR HEAR AID
904Audiology ConsultationAUDIO CONSULT
905Pair of Hearing Aid DevicesPAIR HEARING
HICAPS terminal

How HICAPS Process Works

  • Schedule your appointment for hearing tests or consultation.
  • Post-appointment, proceed to reception for payment.
  • Inform the receptionist if you have Extras private health cover for hearing services.
  • Present your membership card, which will be swiped through the HICAPS terminal.
  • The claim details will be sent instantly to your health fund for processing.
  • The rebate, based on your cover, will be processed immediately, and you’ll pay any remaining balance.


What should I do if my claim through HICAPS is unsuccessful?

Our team will assist you with alternative solutions to ensure your claim is lodged.

How can I find out the rebate amount before my visit?

You can contact your health insurance provider with the provided item numbers to understand the potential rebate amount.

How do I know if my health insurance covers audiology services?

It’s advisable to contact your health insurance provider to understand the extent of coverage for audiology services under your Extras coverage.

What if my health fund isn’t one of the participating funds?

If your health fund isn’t participating in HICAPS, our team will provide guidance on alternative methods to lodge your claim.