GMHBA Hearing Aid Rebates & Benefits


GMHBA is an Australian not-for-profit health insurance and care company with over 85 years’ experience. At GMHBA we give you flexible options which is why you have the option to choose extras to cover only without hospital if that’s what’s best for you right now. There is a range of extras covers to compare and choose from so you can find the perfect policy for you or your family.

GMHBA Extras for Audiology and Hearing Services

Better Hearing is more affordable with your GMHBA Extras Cover for Hearing aids. Table below summarises the benefits, the required waiting period and the waiting time for hearing devices replacements for different Extras covers.

Health Fund CoverAudiology ConsultHearing AidsOther BenefitsWaiting PeriodFrequency
 Top Extras 75% Back in Benefits up to $500yr75% up to $1500not specified12 Mths3 Years
Mid Extras Fixed BenefitIni- $30, Sub- $27 (up to $400yr)up to $1200not specified12 Mths3 Years

Benefits are paid towards Audiology consultations:

  • Top Extras Fixed Benefit: Initial Consult $40.00; Subsequent Consult $30.00; $500 annual consultation limit.
  • Mid Extras Fixed Benefit: Initial Consult $30.00; Subsequent Consult $25.00; $400 annual consultation limit.

Further Benefits to GMHBA Members

Extend Your GMHBA Extras Benefit at Ear & Hearing Australia

GMHBA Hearing Aid Providers Recognition criteria: GMHBA requires that the hearing aids are provided by a recognised Hearing service provider who is in private practice at a location in which the services are provided and meets GMHBA’s criteria.

Audiologists at Ear and Hearing Australia are GMHBA recognised providers for hearing aids and they are all registered with Medicare Australia, Department of Age Care and Member of Audiology Australia.
For more information call one of our friendly hearing aid specialist Audiologists on 1300 761 667

Receive an extra $500 discount

Premium Fitting & Care Package is discount by $500 when you are fitted with any Binaural Premium Hearing Aids. This is on top of your Extras cover benefits from GMHBA!

This hearing aid discount offer is available to GMHBA Health Insurance members and is off the EHA recommended retail price. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or be redeemed for cash.

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Let’s Discuss your Hearing Needs

To take the first step towards better hearing, you need to see a registered qualified audiologist for a hearing assessment. Your audiologist can help you understand your hearing loss, discuss your treatment options and possible benefits from a hearing aid. Your audiologist can discuss the costs and any possible Government rebates or subsidies and help you claim your GMHBA Health cover benefits (if you have Extras Cover). Find an Ear & Hearing GMHBA registered Clinic in Melbourne.

Find an Ear & Hearing GMHBA registered Clinic in Melbourne

Get a hearing test and consultation