Widex Beyond

Widex Beyond – Simple and Elegant

The Widex Beyong hearing aids accomodate for a wide range of lifestyles allowing you to choose the hearing aid best selected for your your hearing requirements.

The Widex Beyond is a hearing aid best suited for people with mild difficulties hearing in in crowded and loud environment.


Widex Beyond Hearing Aid Features:


Lowest power consumption of any hearing aids. Holds more power than any other battery of its size, giving you a long lasting day/night or usage and streaming.. Takes 3-4 hours to fully recharge hearing aids

The BEYOND App allows users to personalise their hearing setting in order to have the most realistic and natural hearing experience possible. You are always in control of your hearing with the BEYOND App. If you are prone to loose things easily, don’t worry! The BEYOND App can locate your hearing aids via bluetooth so you will never loose your ears.

Widex Beyond Types & Styles

Widex Beyond is available in a small range of styles and fitting options to fulfill the specific needs and preferences of more people with hearing loss, for now. Widex Beyond behind-the-ear styles come in 10 different colours and give you a varying selection of recievers. 

Widex Beyond (behind-the-ear)

    • 312 zinc-air battery
    • Powered by proven UNIQUE technology
    • 2.4GHz bluetooth connectivity for direct streaming
    • WIDEX soundclass technology reduces hearing effort and gives you the smooth sound possible
    • Available in 15 colours
    • Tamper resistant battery drawer
WIdex beyond

Widex Beyond Hearing Aid Technology & Performance Levels

Widex beyond specifications