High-Fidelity, Natural Sound

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Quantum2 is the next step in high-fidelity, natural sound. This next generation of hearing instruments includes Pro, the premium technology level that provides the ultimate listening experience in all environments, automatically and seamlessly.

Available in a complete line up of ITEs (In the Ear) and performance BTEs (Behind- the- ear), Quantum2 delivers a comprehensive set of features to provide more natural listening and the best first fit experience.

Quantum2 Pro

Quantum2 Pro provides you with the ultimate listening experience. It’s the only level that offers SpeechZone 2, with binaural spatial processing that delivers superior results in the most challenging listening situations. It also includes Automatic Program with SmartFocus 2,providing easier speech understanding, less distraction from everyday noise, and pure enjoyment of music.

Feature PRO2 SpeechZone 2 & SmartFocus 2

Enjoy conversations – in a busy restaurant, you’ll clearly hear everything your companion is saying with Quantum2 Pro automatically zoning in on speech from any direction and fading distracting noises into the background.
Love the phone – when you hold your home phone or mobile phone up to your hearing aid, Quantum2 Pro automatically transmits the caller’s voice to both ears for a clear, effortless conversation.
Be entertained – experience TV directly from your hearing aids, no wires required. Hear shows clearly without turning up the volume so loud that it impacts the enjoyment of others.
Relax at home – Quantum2 Pro eliminates irritating background noises, like the air conditioner running, so you can focus on enjoying your downtime without distraction.

Unitron Quantum ITE


From noisy restaurants to quieter conversations, and everything in between, Quantum2 delivers the natural sound quality that people prefer. Choose between one of four levels, each offering a mix of technologies and features to go perfectly with your lifestyle.

Quantum2 20

Quantum2 20 provides flexibility to automatically deliver exceptional sound quality, even in complex listening situations, ensuring you get the most benefit out of the technology. These hearing instruments offer SmartFocus2, automatically making speech easier to understand, background noises comfortable, and music enjoyable.

Quantum2 16

Quantum2 16 has advanced automatic performance, delivering superior sound quality for people who have active lifestyles. These hearing instruments offer SmartFocus 2 technology, which provides ease of listening in a speech in noise environment and makes background noises comfortable.

Quantum2 10

Quantum2 10 are for people who interact in fewer, quieter environments and who can still benefit from wireless technologies.

Quantum2 E

Quantum2 E is the accessible and affordable entry-level option.

In all technology levels:

  • WDRC and linear processing
  • Automatic Adaptation Manager
  • Feedback manager
  • Wind noise manager
  • Easy-DAI (not available with E)
  • Easy-t
  • MyMusic
  • DuoLink
  • Data logging
  • Plasma coating
  • IP57