Unitron Max

Max: Super Power

Meet Max™ – the only Super Power hearing instrument that fights over-amplification to protect hearing health, while maximizing speech intelligibility.

Fitting range: optimised for individuals with severe to profound hearing loss, giving them the sound they need while protecting their hearing from further harm.

Three technology levels: Max 20, Max 6, Max E.

Styles: Behind-the-ear (BTE) with a 675 battery, and mini behind-the-ear (mini BTE) with a 13 battery, both developed with the power to stand up to water, corrosion and extreme elements.

Key features: Power Adaptation Manager, frequency compression, SmartFocus SP, bass enhancer.

With Unitron Max, you get:

  • improved speech clarity
  • reduced over-amplification, automatically
  • superior water and dust resistance – rated IP57.

Speech Intelligibility with the Power of Three

These Max features work together to maximize speech intelligibility without compromising environmental awareness:

1. Proven industry standards: Max hearing aids are fit to industry-proven standards that maximise gains for those with severe to profound hearing loss.
2. Frequency Compression: Max includes frequency compression, an industry leading feature for severe to profound hearing loss. By shifting sounds away from areas where hearing is most damaged and compressing them into the audible range, patients experience a fuller range of sounds for improved awareness and speech intelligibility.
3. SmartFocus SP: Unitron has customized this signature feature for super power hearing aid wearers. The optimised performance of directional microphones, speech enhancement, noise reduction and gain work synergistically in relation to one another so wearers automatically experience the best speech understanding or comfort as the situation demands, without compromising awareness.

Unitron Max
Unitron Max

Max Range

Max E:Max E is the accessible and affordable entry-level option, with 6 channels and 4 manual programs.

Max 6:Max 6 is accessible and affordable for people who interact in fewer, quieter environments but who can still benefit from wireless technologies. A step up in technology from the Max E, the Max 6 has 2 automatic programs, 3 manual programs and 3 streaming programs for a more personalised listening experience. Along with the basic features of the Max E, the Max 6 also includes a multiband adaptive directionality in order to effectively reduce unwanted background noises.

Max 20:Max 20 offers features designed with purpose and working in harmony to maximise speech intelligibility. Automatic performance delivers exceptionally clear sound quality for wearers who frequently find themselves in demanding listening situations. With the highest spec in Unitron’s super power hearing aid range, the Max 20 incorporates all of the essential features of a high quality hearing aid, while also packing in so much more, including Binaural Phone, LearnNow, Self learning and Pinna Effect.

In all technology levels:

  • WDRC and linear processing
  • Automatic Adaptation Manager
  • Feedback manager
  • Wind noise manager
  • Easy-DAI (not available with E)
  • Easy-t
  • MyMusic
  • DuoLink
  • Data logging
  • Plasma coating
  • IP57