Signia Styletto X

Seimens Signia – Styletto X

The Signia Styletto is not just every other hearing aid, as its name suggests its Slim, Stylish, and packed with smart technology. The Styletto transforms your experience of hearing by giving you a boost of confidence with its award-winning iconic, jewel-like aesthetic and crystal clear sound so you can have the most realistic hearing experience. The Signia Styletto Connect comes with acoustic motion sensor technology in the Xperience chip for extremely clear sound even while the user is in motion or in crowded and noisy environments. The Signia Styletto Connect was built using Ultra HD e2e with narrow directionality the most superior yet natural hearing experience in noisy situations.

It also has the worlds first Own Voice processing (OVP) feature, OVP- optimises your natural-sounding voice to give you the real hearing experience that you have been yearning for. The Styletto X also offers extremely high quality-top bluetooth connectivity giving you the ability to stream audio directly to your ear while still giving you incredible performance.

Seimens Styletto X Hearing Aid Features:


The new portable charge on-the-go case is the world first hearing aid charger with Qi technology, allowing you to simply use a charging pad instead of the traditional plugpoints. This is an elegant pocket sized charger giving you unto 19 hours of daily runtime without any streaming and upto 16 hours of daily streaming with upto 5 hours of direct streaming from chose bluetooth TV or mobile devices.

Your very own hearing assistant. Everyone has their own personal hearing preferences, thanks to the Signia Assistant App, the highly intelligent assistant will allow you to personalise what sounds you hear and how you hear them, all at the tip of your finger. Highly intuitive 24/7 support whenever needed.

Siemens Signia Styletto X Types & Styles

The Styletto X is available in a small range of styles and fitting options to fulfill the specific needs and preferences of more people with hearing loss, for now. Styletto X’s 3 performance styles come in 5 different warm metallic hues.

Styletto X (behind-the-ear)

    • Lithium-ion rechargeable cell
    • Dynamic soundscape processing: delivers best natural sound even while moving
    • Directional microphones
    • IP68 rating
    • Top bluetooth connectivity
    • Available in 5 colours

seimens signia Styletto_X_snowwhite

Siemens Signia Styletto X Hearing Aid Technology & Performance Levels

Styletto X features