Signia Pure 312 X

Siemens Signia Pure 312X – become one with your device 

The hearing aids use new powerful acoustic motion sensors resulting in a crystal clear natural sound with a superb sense of direction so that you have the most realistic and satisfying hearing experience even while you are in motion and in crowded/noisy environments. The Signia X hearing aids come in a modern yet sophisticated lifestyle design with top bluetooth connectivity, Signia X allows you to directly stream your favourite TV show, video or music from your chosen devices straight to your ear.

Signia’s YourSound technology uses its in depth understanding about your individual hearing environment resulting in the most natural sounding experience in real time and while streaming.


Siemens Pure 312X Hearing Aid Features:


You don’t have to be facing wherever the sound is coming from anymore, with the help of the directional mic and dynamic sound processing, the Pure 312X’s deliver sound to your ear at the correct volume just how you’re intended to hear it. You can be walking in a park with your family and be able to hear your people all around you without having to do anything.

Your very own hearing assistant. Everyone has their own personal hearing preferences, thanks to the Signia Assistant App, the highly intelligent assistant will allow you to personalise what sounds you hear and how you hear them, all at the tip of your finger. Highly intuitive 24/7 support whenever needed.

Siemens Signia Pure 312X Types & Styles

The Siemens Pure 312X is available in a small range of styles and fitting options to fulfill the specific needs and preferences of more people with hearing loss, for now. The Pure 312X’s various styles come in 10 different colours.

Siemens Signia Pure 312X (behind-the-ear)

    • Soft, ergonomic fit
    • Exchangeable housing
    • Dynamic soundscape processing: delivers best natural sound even while moving
    • Top bluetooth connectivity
    • Big rocker switch on the product for manual adjustments
    • IP68 rating
    • Available in 10 colours
Siemens signia pure 312 x hearing aid

Siemens Signia Pure 312X Hearing Aid Technology & Performance Levels

Siemens signia pure 312 x features