Resound Key

Introducing ReSound Key

With ReSound Key, you will now enjoy the clear, natural sound quality needed to join in conversations. You will feel more confident in your daily activities, knowing that you can speak with your loved ones easily and effortlessly, while also hearing what is happening around you.

ReSound Key comes with Natural Directionality II that supports better listening in noise
by enabling both ears to work together. It gives you a focused response in one ear while enabling you to monitor the environment with the other ear. Awareness of surroundings and ease of listening improves.

When choosing a ReSound, you can be confident that there is a perfect option for you regardless of your hearing loss, preferences, and lifestyle.

ReSound Key benefits

  • Enrich all situations with natural sound
  • Stream calls and music from compatible Apple devices and Android smartphones
  • Individualize your experience with one intuitive app
  • Boost your sound with wireless accessories
  • Get live video consultations from your hearing care professional anytime, anywhere

ReSound Key Hearing Aid Features

  • Crystal clear, comfortable, high-quality sound in any environment  High sound quality from any direction, seamless connectivity, and streaming to virtually any audio source.
  • Unrivaled connectivity and direct streaming – From iOS, Android devices, wireless accessories, and telecoil.
  • Fully personalizable to every listening situation – ReSound Smart 3D app can help you adjust your sound preferences and select features.
  • Perfectly complements Cochlear implants – The Smart Hearing Alliance, a unique collaboration between Cochlear and ReSound, makes it easy to provide a bimodal solution.
  • Find my Hearing aids – If you misplace your hearing aids, you can locate their last recorded position on a map.

    ReSound Smart 3D App

    The ReSound Smart 3D App can be downloaded to your smartphones and is compatible with the Bluetooth wireless range of products in Quattro, LiNX 3D, Key, and  Enzo 3D.

    Additionally, if your smartphone operates on iOS (Apple) or Android version 10 (with Bluetooth 5.0) you can directly stream voice calls, music, and sound from your device.

    Features in the ReSound Smart 3D app :

    • Sound Enhancements.
    • Battery charge Status.
    • Find my hearing aid feature.
    • Relief from Tinnitus.

    ReSound Assist App

    ReSound Assist gives you options to stay in touch with your hearing care professional and receive help and support that fits your schedule.


    ReSound Key Types & Styles

    Select from wide range of styles (BTE, RIE, M&RIE and Custom aids)  with a long battery life. ReSound Key is available in 10 elegant colours to suit your style.

    Rechargeable hearing aids

    • RIE models with the longest duration of power, easily charged in discreet charging


    • A unique RIE design that places an extra microphone in your ear next to the receiver. ReSound ONE exclusive.

    Receiver-in-Ear (RIE)

    • The main design sits subtly behind your ear, while the receiver sits in your ear. Also available as a mini RIE.

    Behind-the-Ear (BTE)

    • The receiver is built into the body of the hearing aid and sounds travel via a clear tube into your ear canal.


    • Almost invisible wireless designs that sit inside your ear, custom-made to match your ears.

    Talk to an Audiologist

    Talk to one of our authorized ReSound hearing care specialist close to your location to find out more about ReSound hearing aids. Book a free 15-minute Audiological phone consultation.