Resound Magna


ReSound Magna™ is a powerful digital super power BTE hearing aid that works to maximise audibility and reduce stress in everyday listening situations.

ReSound Magna is purpose-built with power in mind and specifically designed to address the power needs of the super power user. From the ergonomic design to the compact positioning and integration of all the hearing aid’s components, the ReSound Magna™ offers virtually no distortion of amplified sound. In addition, ReSound Magna™ utilises ReSound’s industry-leading DFS Ultra with built-in Whistle Control to combat static and dynamic feedback, even in the most challenging situations.

ReSound Magna™ hearing aids are attractive, ergonomic and durable, featuring an all-new design, purpose-built to withstand all the challenges of daily use and more. It is fully nanocoated from the inside out with iSolate™ nanotech, a superior, long-lasting treatment that makes the ReSound Magna™ highly water repellent.

ReSound Magna™ also comes equipped with a new frequency compression algorithm called Sound Shaper, which remaps the high frequency sounds to a lower frequency region. This provides improved audibility without impacting sound quality.

Sound Shaper helps the ReSound Magna™ wearer with many different sounds:

  • High frequency fricative sounds like S and Th
  • Stop consonants like P, T and K
  • Environmental sounds such as bird sounds
  • Children’s voices


To match your specific needs and preferences ReSound Magna™ is available in two technology levels in five colour options.

*Beige and Dark Brown only available in Magna 4 model.


  • More gain without feedback – Up to 144 dB SPL maximum power output and 86 dB maximum gain, combined with DFS Ultra™ to offer more stable gain.
  • Great sound quality and speech understanding – Surround Sound by ReSound™ offers Adaptive Directionality with Integrated Wind Noise Management™ and NoiseTracker™ II. Reducing wind noise also increases listening comfort, enabling you to be more active outdoors.
  • Optimised, high-frequency hearing – New Sound Shaper™ technology makes inaudible sounds audible through frequency compression with minimal distortion.