Resound Enzo 3D


All day, every day, you can be sure that your ReSound ENZO 3D™ hearing aids will keep up with your lifestyle. As the smallest hearing aid for severe-to-profound hearing loss, ReSound ENZO 3D™ is discreet and gives you 12 hours of battery life, even while streaming calls and music for up to four hours per day*.

With Made for iPhone technology, you can stream phone calls, music and more from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch directly to your hearing aids – just like wireless stereo headphones. And if you have an Android or any Bluetooth-enabled phone you can still stream calls, music and more with a discreet ReSound Phone Clip+. Streaming sound from a range of ReSound wireless accessories lets you get even more out of your hearing experience. You can watch TV at your own volume while people around you enjoy it at their volume, and her speech more clearly in noisy environments and at a distance.

Resound Enzo

Every component, inside and out, is fully coated with iSolate nanotech to stay sealed and protected against dirt, moisture, dust or earwax. So you can step out into the rain or onto the field with confidence.

With ReSound ENZO 3D™ you get:

  • 60% more clarity of the sounds around you**
  • 60% better speech understanding in noise

By adjusting to your environment, ReSound ENZO 3D™ hearing aids optimise the sounds you want to hear so that you will always be aware of the sounds around you, no matter what direction the sounds are coming from.

*Applies to ReSound ENZO 3D™ BTE 98

**Compared to binaural beamforming in hearing aids for severe-to-profound hearing loss.


  • ReSound Smart 3D™ app – With the ReSound Smart 3D™ app you can control your ReSound ENZO 3D™ hearing aids right from you phone. No matter where your day takes you, you can always be in control of how you experience the sounds around you.
  • Sound Enhancer – You can customize even further by adjusting volume, customizing bass/middle/treble, increasing speech focus and reducing noise and wind noise using easy sliding bars.
  • Geo-tag favourite locations – If you find a setting that always works for you, you can set it as a ‘favourite’. You can even geo-tag it to the exact location, so you can switch to the same settings next time you arrive at that location.
  • Find my hearing aids – If you can’t find your hearing aids, you can see the last recorded position of your hearing aids on a map, so you know where to look for them.
  • FaceTime Video & Voice Streaming – Understanding speech during phone calls is 70% better with FaceTime video and voice streaming compared to a regular call, making it easier to follow phone conversations more comfortably.


ReSound ENZO 3D™ hearing aids are available in a range of 13 attractive colours and two discreet hearing aid models, the High Power BTE 88 (13) and Super Power BTE 90 (675).

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