Phonak Sky Q

Let kids explore the world with confidence

Born to perform

Sky V hearing aids will automatically adjust to your child’s environments.

More sounds, more fun

Provide your child with optimal auditory input for learning speech and language.

Simple functionality

Know when your child’s hearing aid is on, Roger program is active, or the battery is low with the new easy to understand indicator light.

Better speech understanding

Sky V hearing aids that actually talk to each other, optimizing hearing as your child explores, learns and interacts with the world.

Tough enough

Resistant to water, sweat and dust, so nothing gets in the way of your child’s fun.

For over 4 decades Phonak have dedicated themselves to understanding the needs of children with hearing loss, allowing them to develop truly innovative and intuitive solutions that meet their specific listening needs. Phonak Sky V’s Mix & Match color palette also lets kids and teens select the perfect color combination to match their style.

The Phonak Sky V comes in five models reflecting your child’s degree of hearing loss. A hearing care professional will advise you on the right model and performance level for your child.

Phonak Sky B