Phonak Tao Q

Phonak’s entry-level products Baseo Q and Tao Q blend quality sound and reliability for the cost-conscious people.

Quest sound quality with great value

Phonak Baseo Q and Tao Q hearing aids are built on state-of-the-art Phonak Quest technology* (also used in the most advanced Phonak products) and are programmed with the easy-to-use Phonak Target fitting software based on your individual hearing loss. Your hearing care professional can then further adjust the settings based on your individual preferences in 2, 3 or 4 frequency ranges. These adjustments are much more precise than any mechanically tuned hearing aid.

*According to an international customer survey conducted by the Phonak Research Center, nine out of ten hearing care professionals would recommend Phonak Quest hearing aids.

Enjoy comfortable listening – even in noise

Phonak Baseo Q and Tao Q in performance levels Q15 and Q10 include the single most effective technology in hearing aids to improve understanding in noisy situations: directional microphones. They reduce background noise and significantly improve your understanding of the conversation partner in front of you, for example in a busy restaurant. This feature can be manually activated whenever better understanding in noise is required.

Proven reliability, durability and water resistance

Baseo Q and Tao Q are based on Phonak’s most robust designs – sold over a million times worldwide. Phonak have improved them further to be your daily, highly reliable companion even when challenged by rain, sweat and dust. All four Baseo Q models feature nano-coated mic protection and a new metal connection for excellent retention of the tone hook. Additionally, all four have IP57-level water and dust resistance.

Baseo Q Models & Colour Range

Phonak Baseo Q is available in four Behind-The-Ear models each with an attractive durable housing. Baseo Q covers a broad range of hearing needs from mild to severe hearing losses.

Tao Q Models

Phonak Tao Q comes in three models that are worn discreetly inside the ear. Each Tao Q is individually crafted to fit your own individual ear to ensure the best possible fit and comfort.

Please ask your hearing care professional about Tao Q colors and options.